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hey friend, i just bought the chara generator and after unziping it weights almost 14gb aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is this a bug or... :'v



I unpacked it and found that the  Generic folder is not in it


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Where are you looking for it? Cause I'm looking in 1_Interiors > 16x16 > Theme_Sorter and I see it there


Yeah, is in that folder with all objects in a single image. But I need individual objects. 

The only thing I can find is in the animation folder.

Thanks for your reply :D

I just looked myself and you seem to be correct, it is indeed missing in the singles theme sorter, I'd suggest reporting the issue on the official Discord since it's faster to contact LimeZu on there

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I'm in godot and trying to use the 16x16 version. How many hframes and vrames should I be using for the Premade_Character_01 sprite sheet? I can't seem to find a good number.


Hi LimeZu, If I only use RPGMaker MV, do I just download Modern_Interiors_RPG_Maker_Version?

Yup, it's a specialized version made specifically for RPG Maker

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First off - awesome pack.  I've been wanting to do RPG for a while, and I think your set is going to be a huge boon for getting some progress for my ideas.  

Quick question though - I'm trying to slice the some of the interior files, but I can't figure out an auto-slice that seems to work.  Some things seem to fit, but others that should be 16x16 seem to get cut in half.  Is everything on a grid, or am I going to start hand slicing out the components that I want to use?   

For example, I'm trying to slice Generic_16x16 - using 16x45 as my grid based on the resolution, and that just doesn't seem to fit.   Am I missing something?   

Awesome work though!!

Having the same issue. It seems like auto slicing is not possible, which is pretty unfortunate. I am currently looking into using an image software like GIMP to try to turn it into a more uniform sprite sheet. It is a little disappointing that the sheet isn't laid out in a uniform fashion. :/

Many objects that look one tile big take up two tiles because they're shifted for positioning. If you're using the _16x16 files, then 16px is the correct grid size.

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Hey! Does anyone know by any chance, how to make a tilemap with animated objects on Unity? I'm kinda' struggling making an animated door xd I would like the door to only open on interaction e.g pressing e or something. Thank you!!

I've struggled with this a lot in the past, the best way I've found is to just make the door a game object separate from the tilemap

Rule of thumb, if you plan on having players interact with the sprite, dont add it to tilemap, make it an object.

Hi LimeZu!
How'bout you? These assets are compatible with GameMaker 2?

Hey LimeZu. Can you recommend any monster/zombie assets that might fit with your Modern series? I need some kind of monster. 

i already buy some. Please add some image preview  for all theme


Hey, first I just wanted to say I love these tilesets a lot you really do have just about everything. I was wondering if I'm planning on working on a game in a group, would each member need to buy/download of the tilesets? Just asking because apparently that's a requirement that some asset creators have. That being said, for the foreseeable future, I'd be the only one actually doing the dev work on RPG maker and using/editing the tileset. 


Thank you very much for making this and your other asset packs. It’s clear a lot of effort went into making them. I’ve been using them in Godot 4 and it’s pretty painless to make tilesets from the included files. And it’s nice that the characters and their accessories are made in a consistent way so it’s easy to mix and match them. The variety is also immense. I can highly recommend this pack ^o^ Both the quality and quantity are much higher than I think one could normally expect for the price.

Would you mind explaining how you were able to use the sprite sheets easily? I am having issues getting the grid size to work properly with the character sprite sheets.


I do remember having an issue with the characters as well. My problem was that the character sprites are the size of two tiles, but the sprite sheet’s height is an odd number of tiles, so I wasn’t able to get the animations to display properly without manually extending the height of the sprite sheet by the size of one tile. Then I could set the Sprite2D’s hframes and vframes properties to 56 and 21 to get the animation frames properly aligned (might be different numbers if the sheets got changed). I’m not sure if there is a more proper way of doing this with Godot that doesn’t involve having to edit the sprite sheet manually. Not sure if this was the issue you were having, but I hope it’s helpful ^~^

Thanks, buddy. Did you use a specific program to extend out the height?


Nothing fancy, I just added the specific number of pixels (32 in my case) to the canvas height in Paint.NET. It’s only for Windows but any other image software like GIMP should be able to do it too.



Do yo do free Collaborations, of course with proper attribution

I would love to collaborate!

I need sprites for one of my apps/Tools, please email me or reply if you are interested!

Thanks in advance!




do you have any tutorial on how to put the animated objects in tileset?

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Long shot here, but could you, or anyone, identify all the flowers in the grocery/flower tileset? I'm having trouble telling what is what lol


These are all just guesses, but for the top right: the purple ones look like lavender, the pink ones maybe are peonies, blue is possibly hydrangea? The only one I'm sure about is the lavender.
For the bottom, left to right, it looks like maybe a red zinia, can't tell that green one - probably a fern?, another hydrangea, sunflowers, another fern, impatiens, marigolds, lilys, more sunflowers, next two are roses, then another vase of peonies, and more ferns.
Again, these are just guesses, the pixel art is simple enough that im sure you could get away with calling them any flowers as long as the coloring is accurate. Hope this helps!

how do you put the sale like that at the top of the page?

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hello if i buy this asset its still need a credit ?


Yes, credit is required as stated in the license

hello, I'm a student from Indonesia, I bought the assets "Modern exteriors" and "Modern Interiors" but I can't buy the Asset "Modern UI" because it is subject to tax from RUPIAH to DOLLARS of $2. This asset is the best

Hi there, 

first of all: great work

I bought it because it contains 32x32 images. 

I only found characters which are 32x48. You also have them in 32x32?

thanks in advance!

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Hi there, any possibility that we can get more school and teaching related assets, need a classroom, blackboard, desks etc etc. Nevermind, just found them. Cool. Any chance for some sci fi type tiles?

yes please cyberpunk tiles !

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Hi. Great asset pack! I've made a small 5 minute long game with it for a game jam.   Our house in the woods  Maybe it inspires someone to buy your pack which I highly recommend!

Wow that was actually really fun to play, obviously it was short but it was well done, good job! Hey you should join the discord server and show your game off in #Showcase


Thanks! I will do that right now.

great asset pack! Would you be able to add Tiled tilemaps for the interior sample Designs in the future? thanks for all your hard work


Hi, I read and gathered that it's RPG MAKER-friendly. Is it alright to use the assets in other engines like Unreal/ Unity/ Godot etc?

There aren't any restrictions on how you can use Modern Interiors, so feel free to use them in any engine you like! However if you'd like to get more clarity feel free to join the discord and ask us there

Hi, is there a problem with the character generator? It registers as 13GB and also a header error when UNZIP. Please advise


Hi, Character Generator dev here! its 13GB because it contains all different character pieces, body, eyes, outfit, hair, and all the accessories, as well as the 32x32 and 48x48 versions of them along with the regular 16x16 version, all of that combined makes it quite big.

As for the unzip error, I've never had any issues like that and nor has anyone ever reported anything like that, Feel free to reach out to me on discord @LegendarySwordsman2#7777 and I'll help you figure it out.


The error was Header error but it allowed me to proceed to unzip, so it's not really any issue there.  The character generator is working fine. I was just surprise with the large file thinking that it was caused by the error. Since it's suppose to be 13GB, then all is good. 

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This doesn't add up for me.

The character data in the main download for Modern Interiors is only 83MB(including the "old" folder) so unless the generator has over 156 times as many options, it has no right being 13GB.

I also get the header error when using 7zip.

Also, something odd, the download is only 147MB, but it expands to 13GB when unzipped? That seems seriously off. Most of the data has to be empty, or trash.

Hey LimeZu! 

Just wanted to say thank you for all the assets you put out! I've been wanting to make a kind of game-like website for my students and I struggled a lot with the graphic design. I'm somewhat decent with coding but I'm reaaaaally bad at drawing or pixel art. I love your retro-gaming style and i'm looking forward to see more! 

Now my students can track their respective scores and customize their character. I still have a lot to do (the power-shop, the ability to place props in the classroom, the inventories...) but it's all coming along thanks to you :) 

Thank you so much, 


premade sprites include the bed animations (and other effect animations) which make them overall harder to work with for beginners. can't just slice you have to do way more extra work to get them into the game

Hi! I wanted to buy this set for $ 1.5, but after entering the card data, this window just disappears, where you need to enter and that's it. Does not allow you to pay. If I'm Russian and the account is in rubles, maybe it doesn't work because of this?

It just didn't even write any error, that's all. No matter how many times I try


This is an insane amount of assets. Can't wait to try them out.


Character Generator comes with 12 GB 'resources.assets' file & 1 GB 'sharedassets0.assets' file.

Are they supposed to be so huge?


Hello back to you, Character Generator developer here! The character generator is so big because it contains all pieces of every character, which includes the body, eyes, outfits, hairstyles, and accessoires, as well as the 32x32 and 48x48 versions along with the standard 16x16 version, most other character generators don't include the actual sprites and require you to import them yourself which is why they're smaller, hope this helped!

I have a question about the asset's license. Do you have to register the license somewhere, or it is the license you define by your own. Just curious about how license work. Thanks.

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I'm not an expert when it comes to licenses but as far as I know once you buy Modern Interiors you have that license and can do anything the license allows you to without any other steps necessary

Any easy way or tip to import this in a Unity Project?

I cannot find a license for paying $1.50 for the full version. Is a license included in the download? I did find the license for the free version in the free asset folder. 

There is indeed a license file included within the paid version of Modern Interiors, however you can also see the license within this page under the license section, but I'll also paste it here so you can read it:

Complete version LICENSE (paying at least 1.50$): YOU CAN:

- Edit and use the asset in any commercial or non commercial project  -Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project


- Resell or distribute the asset to others

- Edit and resell the asset to others


- Credits required (this link)

any change u can add flower pods to this pack?

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Hi can i use this in godot engine?

Yes! Not creator here, but you can pretty easily use these in Godot. Just grab the files, put them in your project folder (you probably want to change the Import settings to 2D Pixel preset so that they don't import all blurry) and then create a TileSet node in your project and start blocking out and adding collisions etc to what you want to.

I haven't tried it out yet, but I have heard there are many improvements to the tile editor in Godot 4 also! I plan to try it out next month.

Hello can i use this in Construct 3?

This looks great! Are the characters 8 direction?

I am pretty sure that the characters are only 4 direction.

Hi! I absolutely love your assets and I just bought this one. I know you are already finished updating this but can I ask how can I make a braid hairstyle? Thank you so much


Cool! Ima make a scratch game with it. It'll be epic!


Such beautiful art! With this being on sale I took it as a go-ahead to treat myself, and wow, all of the art is so clean and nice! Thank you so much for this pack!


Amazing sprites, looks great, but the RPG Maker sheets are definitely not set up correctly .  Still more than worth it, but you can't just import like it says in the description

Yes I am having that issue. I just started with RPG maker and I thought there was something wrong with my imports. So how do you fix the tilesets not being proper for RPG maker?

I'm also having an issue with it. Wondering if I'm missing something

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