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I just bought at 60 percent discount. Will I get the full license  that can be use on commercial project?


Hello! How do I import the character sprite sheets that I made from the character generator tool by chkfung? I mean, I have no trouble arranging the sprites myself, but I just wanted to see if there was already a way to do that without manual arrangements.

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It's a really nice assets pack but not all tile sets is setup corectly the 48x48 dimensions. When sliced 1-2 pixels of the neighboring tiles can be seen. This makes some weird floating pixels and lines between tiles.


Can you please update the character sprite atlas's so that they are divisible by 16? Currently they are 927x656 for the 16x16 atlas which is one pixel short of being evenly divisible by 16. If they were 928x656 it would be perfect. I absolutely love your art!

I need help

I used the RPG maker MV to import the wall images and didn't see it when I tested the game. Do I need to change my images?

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Just kidding. But why is this the only tile that breaks the shading pattern?

Edit: OH NO! I cannot un-see it! :'(

i'm having a little trouble making the autotile work properly with the 'room builders walls' and 'room builder floors' sheets, do you have any advice? it keeps drawing from other parts of the sheet that clearly don't match, placing wall corners where the floor should be.


Hey, I love the assets! I have some issue with the interior sprite sheet. it doesn't seem to follow a grid. Do I have to manually slice everything?


Same here! Looking for guidance

is there any way I can additional sprite animation and have it work generator tool?


Hi , I'm really interested in only the Character Generator and not the tilesets , is there any way I could get like a free version of it or something like that ? Thank you

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Dude it's a $1.50 show him some respect


hi! this is a really cute free tileset so thank u sm! :D

i can't seem to figure out how to import it into my game though. :(

i know how to add a new tileset but im not sure what files to add. when i add the "Interiors_free_48x48.png" it only shows part of the interior options. i dont know how to cut the image to the right size or howd i even do that.  (im using rpg maker mv btw)

i watched tutorials and started some rpg maker mv projects so i kinda know what im doing but i still feel like a noob ;_;

This tile set seems so complete, I can barely believe it's free! Sorry for donating, I would if I had money, but I don't have any currently, so thank you a lot for letting people download it for free!

Hi, the No.5 folder about the classroom in Theme_Sorter_Singles_32x32 is totally the same as the No.6 folder about the music room, it happens also in 48*48 version, hope you can fix this soon, tks!


Is there anyway where I can personally edit the characters? For example, if I wanted add a different skin color, or character animation?


Link to buy 1.50$ 138 mb? 


How do you make characters do animations?

I want say that ······Where is your import manual  (#。_  。)

oh, I know the way.

Is is possible to use the UI assets in MZ

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And how do i import the character generator files for RPG Maker?

Or do i need to create a PNG in the java generator and then slice the image in PS?

Sorry, new to this stuff (3 hrs). How do I get the fridge event to work under MV? I mean I add an event and select the fridge (closed) and then on clicking this 'opens' using a new Event page .  In the IDE it appears as 1 tile, when in the game, the position is translated so even if I place character blocking tiles underneath (where I think the footprint would be from design), the character is still clipped or too far away. Not sure if that's clear, but image below shows design in IDE behind and map the running:

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Amazing pack of various things! Really great job man.

I might be stupid, as I don't have much experience with 2D art, but when I try to slice it in the sprite editor in Unity, there is multiple sprites that doesn't get sliced, because some of them have pixels connecting to eachother.

For instance the facing up idle on premade_character_03_0 has hair connecting in every single one, so it's not possible to slice without alternating it yourself.

This is not criticism, just a note. Absolutely love your work.

Much love.

Edit: I've seen more people having this issue, with various solutions now.

Thank you so much for this pack! I'm looking to create a Stardew-Valley like character customizer and was wondering if you or anyone else had suggestions to limit the amount of animations required to generate and edit the character on the fly. I understand animation layering and love that each sprite sheet is divided into each item and align correctly with the animations of the body, but can't figure out how to switch different sprite sheets in place of another while maintaining the same animation. Basically, I don't want hundreds of animations which all do the same thing. Any advice would be great, thank you!


Just bought this, and currently cutting the sprite sheets into multiple parts because they're too big for unity. Does mean I'm instantly seeing all the little things, like the cars and frozen posters. Small enough that most people playing a game that uses these sprites will likely not notice but I'm absolutely in love with those tiny details!!

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Someone can help me?, I cut the sprites 48x48 in unity and there's this little corner of the sprite before.

Think this has to do with your texture importing in the sprite.

Make sure you have a point filter. No compression and keep the pixels per unit 48. Since you are working with 48x48 sprites

I imported that way, and that was the resul

Hi!  How do you import the characters?

Estoy realmente sorprendido por el precio, la calidad y los detalles son espectaculares, en cuando llegue a casa lo comprare sin dudar, es una ganga! Se agradece el gran trabajo! 

Hi, sorry if this is mighty random - do you happen to have any bamboo? Yeah, there's lots of different kinds, but the knobby bits between sections are destroying me. They're called nodes.  Mine look like green / brown straws, or they just look wrong. *sadface*

I did want to specifically shout out to your alphabet poster. The nostalgia! The color palette on that is perfect, and I remember exactly the same kinds.  I keep looking at it, and it's a neat piece of tiny art. *happyface*

esta muy bien hecho de verdad que me encanto tiene muchas posibilidades, lo único que podría decir negativo es que es algo raro las paredes pero luego que lo entiendes es muy sencillo


@limezu Hope you enjoyed your vacation! Can't wait for the next update on Exteriors!

Question about this set, I think the 48x48 composite (i.e. all spritesheet) is missing sets 22-26. They exist in 32x32 & 16x16 composites, but not 48x48; would you be able to update?


can anyone link me to a tute which shows how to make the 'wall' sprites functional with GM2S?

Hello, I was wondering how I can make that edge with this "top" it seem not possible with the bundle currently :(

Thanks in advance ! :D

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My god LimeZu you are an absolute godsent, I'm no artist but I had an amazing idea for a game and this asset pack came in SO clutch, I'll link the game when I'm finished making it, my games called Stock The Shelves

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Hi... In the pack are there also any assets to make a police station? 

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