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great asset pack! Would you be able to add Tiled tilemaps for the interior sample Designs in the future? thanks for all your hard work

Hi, I read and gathered that it's RPG MAKER-friendly. Is it alright to use the assets in other engines like Unreal/ Unity/ Godot etc?

Hi, is there a problem with the character generator? It registers as 13GB and also a header error when UNZIP. Please advise


Hi, Character Generator dev here! its 13GB because it contains all different character pieces, body, eyes, outfit, hair, and all the accessories, as well as the 32x32 and 48x48 versions of them along with the regular 16x16 version, all of that combined makes it quite big.

As for the unzip error, I've never had any issues like that and nor has anyone ever reported anything like that, Feel free to reach out to me on discord @LegendarySwordsman2#7777 and I'll help you figure it out.


The error was Header error but it allowed me to proceed to unzip, so it's not really any issue there.  The character generator is working fine. I was just surprise with the large file thinking that it was caused by the error. Since it's suppose to be 13GB, then all is good. 

Hey LimeZu! 

Just wanted to say thank you for all the assets you put out! I've been wanting to make a kind of game-like website for my students and I struggled a lot with the graphic design. I'm somewhat decent with coding but I'm reaaaaally bad at drawing or pixel art. I love your retro-gaming style and i'm looking forward to see more! 

Now my students can track their respective scores and customize their character. I still have a lot to do (the power-shop, the ability to place props in the classroom, the inventories...) but it's all coming along thanks to you :) 

Thank you so much, 


premade sprites include the bed animations (and other effect animations) which make them overall harder to work with for beginners. can't just slice you have to do way more extra work to get them into the game

Hi! I wanted to buy this set for $ 1.5, but after entering the card data, this window just disappears, where you need to enter and that's it. Does not allow you to pay. If I'm Russian and the account is in rubles, maybe it doesn't work because of this?

It just didn't even write any error, that's all. No matter how many times I try


This is an insane amount of assets. Can't wait to try them out.


Character Generator comes with 12 GB 'resources.assets' file & 1 GB 'sharedassets0.assets' file.

Are they supposed to be so huge?


Hello back to you, Character Generator developer here! The character generator is so big because it contains all pieces of every character, which includes the body, eyes, outfits, hairstyles, and accessoires, as well as the 32x32 and 48x48 versions along with the standard 16x16 version, most other character generators don't include the actual sprites and require you to import them yourself which is why they're smaller, hope this helped!

I have a question about the asset's license. Do you have to register the license somewhere, or it is the license you define by your own. Just curious about how license work. Thanks.

Any easy way or tip to import this in a Unity Project?

I cannot find a license for paying $1.50 for the full version. Is a license included in the download? I did find the license for the free version in the free asset folder. 

any change u can add flower pods to this pack?

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Hi can i use this in godot engine?

Hello can i use this in Construct 3?

This looks great! Are the characters 8 direction?

Hi! I absolutely love your assets and I just bought this one. I know you are already finished updating this but can I ask how can I make a braid hairstyle? Thank you so much


Cool! Ima make a scratch game with it. It'll be epic!


Such beautiful art! With this being on sale I took it as a go-ahead to treat myself, and wow, all of the art is so clean and nice! Thank you so much for this pack!


Amazing sprites, looks great, but the RPG Maker sheets are definitely not set up correctly .  Still more than worth it, but you can't just import like it says in the description

Yes I am having that issue. I just started with RPG maker and I thought there was something wrong with my imports. So how do you fix the tilesets not being proper for RPG maker?

I'm also having an issue with it. Wondering if I'm missing something


I just want to say to the dev "Thank you". This is the most complete and constantly updated asset in the whole The price is very affordable and the quality is top tier.

Art is gorgeous, one of the best purchases I made here.  ❤️

Do you take custom sprite commissions? Requests for pay, of course 

Took 20 Minutes just to import... 10/10 would buy again

This is really amazing... I am hoping for an 8 direction characters in the future ❤️❤️


i don't know how to get the tilesets to work and scale properly, can someone please help

Just purchased, great work Limezu! been following you for years!


Can you fix the character generator sheets not being divisible by 16? Nice sprites btw

You are the GOAT, thanks for such great assets, just purchased this and the exteriors, thanks a lot!


Thank you for creating this asset pack Limezu. We ended up using part of it in our Co-op cooking game on Steam. The game is called Bone's Cafe.



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Hello can i make a police station with this ?

Hi, great work. A bug on files folders.

The imgs in Modern_Interiors_v41.2\Modern_Interiors\1_Interiors\32x32\Theme_Sorter_Singles_32x32\5_Classroom_and_Library_Singles_32x32

are the music ones and not the library one as in : Modern_Interiors_v41.2\Modern_Interiors\1_Interiors\32x32\Theme_Sorter_Singles_Shadowless_32x32\5_Classroom_and_Library_Singles_Shadowless_32x32

I just bought at 60 percent discount. Will I get the full license  that can be use on commercial project?


Hello! How do I import the character sprite sheets that I made from the character generator tool by chkfung? I mean, I have no trouble arranging the sprites myself, but I just wanted to see if there was already a way to do that without manual arrangements.

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It's a really nice assets pack but not all tile sets is setup corectly the 48x48 dimensions. When sliced 1-2 pixels of the neighboring tiles can be seen. This makes some weird floating pixels and lines between tiles.


Can you please update the character sprite atlas's so that they are divisible by 16? Currently they are 927x656 for the 16x16 atlas which is one pixel short of being evenly divisible by 16. If they were 928x656 it would be perfect. I absolutely love your art!

I need help

I used the RPG maker MV to import the wall images and didn't see it when I tested the game. Do I need to change my images?

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Just kidding. But why is this the only tile that breaks the shading pattern?

Edit: OH NO! I cannot un-see it! :'(

I think it's so that you have shaded tiles

i'm having a little trouble making the autotile work properly with the 'room builders walls' and 'room builder floors' sheets, do you have any advice? it keeps drawing from other parts of the sheet that clearly don't match, placing wall corners where the floor should be.


Hey, I love the assets! I have some issue with the interior sprite sheet. it doesn't seem to follow a grid. Do I have to manually slice everything?


Same here! Looking for guidance

is there any way I can additional sprite animation and have it work generator tool?

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