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- thank you for the 3300+ downloads -

This huge pack will provide you with 13 top-down tilesets and a lot of furniture

they can easily match many interior designs, such as:
living room, waiting room, reception, retail, bathroom, bedroom, classroom, library,
music store, private and public gym, art atelier, fishing shop


- Crisp minimal RPG style
- Furniture with different versions and styles
- Modular tiles for walls, floor, carpets, tables etc.
- 5 animated characters (6 frames/side walk) + 1 static character
- Available in 3 sizes  (16x16, 32x32, 48x48), ready for any engine!

If you think that all this is not worth your money, download the free version and make up your mind ;)

-> Daily update <-

The license is only for the complete version (paying 1.20$ or above):


Download: the files are divided by size and each tileset has its own .png. 
RPG MAKER MV format supported!

For anything, post a comment below :)


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Check my other stuff here: LimeZu


Get this asset pack and 12 more for $3.00 USD
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Sorry , i might be asking too much but i think it really misses right-left facing wooden chairs. And also off-topic , same story for the office pack - no right facing chairs.

Hi don’t worry for asking! There’s 1 left-right facing chair in the pack, it’s in the first part of the file tho! 

The whole pack is not designed to be seen by the right or left, cause many furniture would be just a rectangle in that perspective 

I've purchased the bundle, it looks great. Correct me if I'm wrong, I noticed that the pack only contains one wall (the top down is solid white) with no variations. It would be great if you can add different wall tiles into this pack. Thanks!

Hi, I may be misunderstanding your comment, but the walls are under the white color, there are a 20ish of walls variations in the whole asset!

Not the wall facing the character, but the top one. I don't know what it's called...the separation wall? It looks pretty bland if you have a lot of them on different scene since it is solid white.

Ok I got you, I’m gonna add more colors then, any request?

(1 edit)

Any color besides wood/brown would be fine. I already have too many of brown colors. And some simple texture would be great. Thanks!

I've just added some here, hope you like them :)


Hey , the asset is massive and really good but , can you maybe add small circular clocks that can be put on the wall ?



Believe me or not, I always forget to add them...tomorrow is the day!



Hi LimeZu, thanks for the Summer Sale the packs are great.  If you are still looking for ideas I had a few I thought would compliment the pack well:

PETS: If you could create a few different pets, there's a lot of objects that could go alongside them e.g bowls, doghouse, cat tree, hamster wheel.  

TECH: There's already some great computers but I think a few little things are missing.  A television would be good, a radio (like a boombox?) would work well with the other musical equipment, and maybe a telephone and some headphones.  You could also add a few console-like machines with controllers and a TV stand to expand the living room options.

Thanks again

Hi! Thanks for supporting my work! :) 

Great ideas! The tech items are already scheduled (in a few days should be out) and I’ve never thought about adding pets and related stuff, sounds challenging...scheduled!


Great looking forward to it.

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey limezu, love your pack, very unique and the art style are very charm :)  I would like to see more gym objects/lifting machines (arms, legs, back, front) if passible. Thank you for such a great art pack. 

(1 edit)

Hi! Thanks for your comment :)
Added to the schedule, I'll do my best to render them 


Beautiful but I have no money.

Ahh, thank you anyways for your comment :)


Hi! I love this set so much, thank you for your art! I'm using Tiled, do you know what the spacing/margins I should use? I'm getting a lot of overlap right now.

(1 edit)

Hi, thank you for your comment! :)
Setting the tile size to 16x16 with no border should work fine!
If you have further issues, comment again and I'll try my best to solve them


do you plan on making an mv versain

Hi, it's not planned an MV resize, it would take too much time.

By the way, I believe there are some plugins to change the tile size, or to zoom out/in to unblur upscaled tilesets  ;) 


Hi there, I just bought the pack (thank you both for such an awesome pack and the extremely generous price!) and I was wondering, would you ever be adding fishing items to the hobby stuff? Such as a rod you're able to hang on the wall ready to fish, bait / tackle boxes and whatnot?

 I only as as I'm currently developing a fishing sim / life sim and it'd be awesome to have little items like that around the place!

Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more of what's to come :)


Hi! Thanks for your comment!

I’m adding some fishing stuff in the next few days, not sure if I’ll be able to render baits (since the size is very small), but I’ll try anyways :)


Thanks for your reply!

Looking forward to it - thank you :)


You are welcome!
Gonna add them in tomorrow's update ;)


Awesome! :D

I really look forward to them, perfect timing for my game also!

Thanks again

(1 edit)

I've just added some fishing stuff! here

I'm gonna add more tomorrow and maybe the next day :)

(1 edit) (+2)

I just bought and I am completely awe struck. If I had more money I would totally donate $20+.

Also if you ever have time Mr.Creator could you add a night version of the tiles


ahahaha don't worry for the money, and I'm so glad you liked my work.

You mean a darker version of every wall and floor, Mr.Customer?


Yes Mr.Creator, I noticed there are darker versions of the floor tiles but non of the walls.
It would be cool to have in case I wanted to have the player go in the house at night. 

Though I am sure there are some shaders I can install that will make it shadowy. 

That’s a nice idea, will surely implement it! It’s also fast to do tho


Cute and cohesive artstyle!

Is the license included in the bundle?


Hi, thanks for your comment! :)

Yes, if you download the full version (by bundle or singularly), you have the license!


What are the size of these assets? I am making a game that will be 384 x 216 pixels.

Hi! You mean the size of the tiles? Each tile is 16x16.
Using this measure, your room would be 24 x 13.5 tiles

Sorry if I misunderstood 

(1 edit) (+1)

Ahh yes that's what I meant XD.  Thanks for the quick reply. I will be sure to buy the pack ^_^ it looks epic.

You are welcome! Thanks, much appreciated :)


This is amazing work!  Bought and look forward to buying future packs as well!


Thank you for the comment, much appreciated! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I was wondering if I still need to attribute you even if I bought the pack?


Hi, if you bought the asset, credits are not required :)


Oh, thank you very much for your response :D

You are welcome :)


Stupid question here - how do I download the paid for pack? 


Hi! To download the complete version you have to pay at least 1.20$!


Thank you!  Like I said, stupid question but I just wanted to make sure.  

You are welcome, don’t worry for asking :)


Hey Lime, how can I contact you for a comission? I can't send you messages via twitter! Thanks for this amazing asset, I'm about to buy it!

(2 edits) (+2)

Hi, endermudez! Thank you for your comment :)

You can contact me here:


Wow awesome stuff.Do you plan on making any outdoor stuff (buildings,houses,hills etc.)in this style?That would be great.


hey, I appreciate a lot your comment!
This asset is gonna only contain "interiors" , but I'm actually working on a new asset with only "outside" stuff, like you asked!
I'll drop it as soon as I stack a decent amount of material (I'm not that far from publishing tho since I work on them 7/7)!

Btw, if you have any request for this asset, ask and it'll be scheduled :)


Hello, I am not very understand the license. It  means I can use it in commercial after I pay  $1.20 USD ?  The package will update some tool  of bathroom and kitchen ? e.g. Bathtub  


Hi, exactly as you said, the paid version (1.20$) allows you to use the stuff commercially. 

I’m adding bath and kitchen stuff to the schedule, gonna start working on them in about a week! :)

That great! I will pay for it.

Yesterday I started updating the asset with some bathroom stuff, the kitchen will follows :)


Oh, I love it !!!! I paid already, Thank you!

You are welcome, thank your for supporting :)


Possibly an ignorant question, but how can I break up a tileset png into a collection of pngs, one for each mini asset (e.g. a bookshelf, one section of carpeting)?


Hey, you need an image manipulation software or something like that.
Gimp 2 is the free way, I wrote a little tutorial to help you out :)

1) Import the png file to Gimp 2
2) Set the grid size to 16x16 with Image -> Grid setting
3) Show the grid with View --> Grid
4) Use the selection tool and save the selection with CTRL + C
5) Create a new file and past the selection with CTRL + V on a new transparent layer and remove any non-transparent layers below
6) Set the grid again
7) Use the Image --> Snap to Grid and your file is ready and clean

If you need further help comment again!
By the way, I can slice things up for you in no time if you want, just list the things you want to have in separate files :)


I love these! Do you have plans to make a pack containing hobby items for decoration in the rooms? Thank you for sharing this!


Hi, I appreciate your comment! 

It wasn't planned before, now I added it to the schedule! Give me some examples of hobby items you thought of :)


Yay! I really appreciate your art. These are just some examples:  instruments (guitar, keyboard, mic, etc), video game consoles, art supplies (canvas,  paint), exercise/sports (dumbbells, soccer ball),  photography,  and woodworking .  


Great ideas, thanks! I'll definitely draw some of them in the next days!


Started today adding some of your ideas! :)

(2 edits) (+2)

They're amazing! I added the hobby items to some of my NPC bedrooms. My game looks a bit rough right now (it's my first game and it's just me working on it), but thought I'd share. Thank you again! :)

Updated with new instruments

Do your interior/kitchen assets use the same palette as your caves/village?

Hey, the Fungus Cave has a pretty similar palette, but it's darker.
The Serene Village matches nicely :) 

Do you supply the palette with this?

I have just added them to the download files!  


Hello,I'm an indie game developer and I like your pixel art style.Want to know if this series of your paintings will continue to be updated?Will houses, farms, things like that be updated later on?I want to make a game out of this.

Hi! First of all, thank you! This asset is daily updated, but will only cover interior design and such things. I’m actually working on an asset with houses yes, I’ll soon or later publish the stuff you are looking for :)


Thank you very much for your reply. I hope you keep drawing the system.I like it very much.If the material is relatively complete, I will use it to make a  game.

I’ll continue for sure. See you ;)


look at these!!! they are so cute

Ahahaha I'm glad you like it

I tried adding these tilesets into rpg maker mv.  I added the rooms seperately ( red, blue, violet, and yellow), and was sure to use the 48x48 images since I've red thats the default tile size for mv.  The tile sets get cut off about half way, and a few blocks are cut off on the right.  I've tried searching, and can't find a fix for this.  I bought the bundle of assets this is included in specifically for this tileset, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, your issue is with the RPG Maker MV tileset size, not with the single tile size.

Here they are:

 A1 and A2 are 768 x 576 pixels

A3 is 768 x 384 pixels

A4 is 768 x 720 pixels

A5 is 384 x 768 pixels

B-E Tilesets are 768 x 768 pixels.

You need to resize them in order to fit in the given size. If you need help doing that, comment again :)

I think I could resize them myself, but to save the hassle; what would be the best way?  Resize the images without cutting them up I'm guessing?  Only reason I ask is because for some reason I feel that would distort them.  I'm not an expert on the subject, so I could be wrong.


I just added them to the download files, each file is 768x768 to fit tilesets from B to E of the RPG Maker MV! 

If you need more help, comment again ;)


Awesome!  I expected you to post an explanation to help, but you went ahead and did it for me.  They work fine, and you are a lifesaver!  You didn't have to go to the extent you did, but it really shows you care about the people interested in your tilesets.  Money well spent :)

You are welcome, I’m glad I  helped the right way :)

This is very cute!  Are you available for commissions?  We are on Twitter, Discord and e-mail to talk if you are.


Thank you! For commission, e-mail me here with your request and I’ll answer as soon as possible:


Love the style, thanks for making these! Bought your summer sale pack and I am very happy with it all


Such comments make my heart melt, thank you so much! :)


Hello! A set of these graphs, they are for Unity or GameMaker: Studio?

Hey! These tilesets should work both in Unity and GameMaker, set the gridsize to 16x16 and it's gonna be fine! If not, I'm open to resize the files for you to fit your needs :)

Okey, thank you very much! :3

You are welcome, and thanks for buying! :)


Nice assets,glad to see more different scenes.

Thank you so much! :)


Hey, sorry to bother you, but most of the png has transparent background, except for the outer walls. They are surrounded by a very dark blue tint. Could you maybe remove that and make it transparent instead? =)

Hey, don’t worry to bother :) 

Sure, I’ll do it in some hours, as soon as I get home


Just updated the download files with the ones you asked for :)


That was fast. Thank you very much! =)

You are welcome! ;)


Hi, Im sorry if this is a dumb question (it probably is): Im trying to import these beautiful tiles into my RPG maker VX ACE but only half of a quarter showed up... Do I need to re-chop the image in a software? Thank you for your time!! sorry for bothering ;;-;;


Hi, don't worry for asking :)

The rpg maker VX Ace has pretty rigid size restrictions, here they are:

A1 and A2 are 512 x 384 pixels

A3 is 512 x 256 pixels

A4 is 512 x 480 pixels

A5 is 256 x 512 pixels

B-E Tilesets are 512 x 512 pixels.

I'm not sure for D and E

It's hard for me to prepare the files so they can fit any particular requirment of every game engine, but tomorrow I'll chop everything to fit 512x512 size, so it'll be easier anyone using the VX Ace like you, don't worry ;)


thank you so much for your reply! Honestly I dont mind doing the chopping myself, I was just wondering if Im doing things in a dumb way ;;;w;;; thanks a lot for the explanation! It really helped me because I cant seem to find those information <3 <3


Nice art style! Really liked it!

Thank you so much!


Very nice!

Thank you so much :)