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A downloadable asset pack for Windows and Linux

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in-depth info here



 thank you for the 100k + downloads 
+2000 hours of work poured into this asset 

This huge asset will provide you with everything you need for your interior areas

 easily match many interior designs, such as:
living room, waiting room, reception, bathroom, bedroom and kid bedroom, classroom, library,  music store, private and public gym, art atelier, fishing shop, halloween party, witch house, kitchen, conference/lecture hall, basement, man-cave, Christmas, grocery store, bakery, butcher's shop, fish shop, plant shop, flower shop, jail, infirmary, control room, canteen, hospital, morgue, japanese house, clothing store, museum, ice-cream shop, TV studio, condominium

Some of the Features:

- Crisp minimal RPG style
- One of a kind asset (no poorly made zelda/pokémon rip-off here)
- Thousands of furniture with different versions and styles
- 2D and 3D walls 
- 100+ frame by frame made animated objects  (.gif and spritesheets supplied)
- Modular tiles for walls, floor, carpets, tables etc.

- Character generator system: create countless characters piece by piece (100+ outfits, 200 hairstyles, 80 accessories and 9 skin colors available) with tons of animations available (idle, run, giftshootpunch, pick up, read a book, lift, throw)
- The official Character generator tool is included with the complete version

User Interface  elements
- Single files for EACH furniture sprite, divided by theme (for a total of thousands of pngs)
- Available in 3 sizes  (16x16, 32x32, 48x48), ready for any engine!
- Free version

Hundreds hours of work for a tiny I crazy?

Mission complete: 400/400 daily updates

Newest Milestones:


Complete version LICENSE (paying at least 1.50$):

- Edit and use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project 
-Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project
- Resell or distribute the asset to others
- Edit and resell the asset to others
- Credits required (this link)

Download: the files are divided by size and theme. Each tileset has its own .png, but a massive global file is supplied
All the RPG MAKERs are supported, but with software limitations
RPG MAKER MV/ MZ supported + import manual supplied!
RPG MAKER XP compatible (characters + interiors)
RPG MAKER VX ACE compatible (characters + interiors)
Suggested MV plugins:
Character movement and collisions
Collision map
^ Video tutorial ^
For anything, post a comment below :)


Complete your game with the following assets!

Check my other stuff here: LimeZu

Updated 19 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(421 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Unity, GameMaker
Tags16x16, 2D, Action RPG, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, Tileset, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $5.00 USD
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Modern_Interiors_v41.4 148 MB
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Version 1 8 MB
if you pay $1.50 USD or more
Character_Generator_2.0_Windows 69 MB
if you pay $1.50 USD or more
Character_Generator_2.0_Linux 93 MB
if you pay $1.50 USD or more

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I've used these assets for my submission to the Brackeys Game Jamp 2024.1
Thank you for creating these awesome interior assets. Not sure what I would've done without them. I've credited you in the game!
Check it out:

can anyone help me??
How can i use them in rpg maker mv? i dont know what is A1 B C D?

You should be able to re organize any asset for RPG maker MV
will require an advanced paint program like paint dot net (free) or photoshop (paid) shouldnt be too hard to figure out, I think the A1,B,C,D Referes to a grid map


I need help please.

Im trying to make the museum room using the singles items sprites on the empty room model. I'm using the full room as a reference, but it's really hard to place them one by one exactly in the right place. Is there a faster way to set up the items in their place in the room?


Said it in my review, but this asset is SO phenomenal and definitely NOT worth the price, because it's worth so much more. This thing is insane, WAY more than worth the money!


Best set out there. Hands down. Absolutely worth it the buy and should be priced higher IMO. 

Thank you for your great work!


great work!


Hi LimeZu, Amazing work! By the way,
In the license section, you mentioned "Credits required" What do you mean "Credits required" exactly? Should I put your name somewhere in my game? Can you elaborate more please : ) ?

Made that game with this amazing asset pack. 

Hey , your work looks really cute and I bought both interiors and exteriors. But I find some problems when I useing them on RPG Maker MV, it shows that the image's door is bigger than one lattice so that the animation can not match the pattern on the map...(Sorry for my poor English)Is there any idea to fix it? 

I have 1 request / question - can we add normal maps to object sprites ? It'd make games so much immersive  with unity's 2D URP lighting! Would really elevate the pack imo

PS: I got all your packs and feel a bit silly asking so much for all of them ':D

(1 edit)

imma give you the biggest smootch ever. I wanna kiss you so bad omg (drooling)

Hey, I noticed when going into the 'singles' for 32x32, that the library folder has copies of the music/sports folder instead of library/school. Great stuff overall though.

Might be a rookie mistake but where can I find the tile for Museum_entrance_layer_1.png for the bottom-most part of the big column? That's the one at position (0,7) if we use the bottom-left as (0,0)

Anyone else getting warnings from Chrome when they try and download Character_Generator 2.0?

Character Generator dev here! does the warning appear specifically on the Character Generator 2.0? Not any of the other folders? Also what does the warning say?

Deleted 17 days ago

Alrighty, glad the warning went away!

A question for RPG maker, how do I create characters? I tried making it in photoshop however the size gets all messed up when importing it. Any guide for it?

Great pack


how can i import the interior assets to gamemaker mz? any of the sizes dont seem to work


I really love it! Thank you


When I use the character spritesheets ( Character_Generator > Bodies > 48x48) in Godot, they don't line up exactly.  I found out that there are extra spaces to the right and bottom of the images. I had to crop the character body images in an image editing software to in order to align them correctly.

My 48x48 resized image is 2688px X 1920px 

2688px (width) : 48px * 56 Hframes

1920px (height): (30px vertical padding on top of characer's head+ 66 px height) * 20 Vframes.

I only cropped from the right side  of the image, I also made it so the bottom of the image is touching the feet of the character body. After that they work perfectly fine with Godot.

It is just a bit annoying to do but easy enough with GIMP.  Anyway they are so so cute and the included animations are so detailed too. The folder is massive. I really love and enjoy them and please keep up the good work!  


there are so many files in this asset pack that every time i open the folder within my computer fan starts making a noise like it is single-handedly responsible for providing enough cool air to stave off the heat death of the universe. 10/10

I want hospital map in RPG Maker MZ How?

Will these work in GameMaker or Godot? I keep seeing references to RPG maker files

I’m using them in a Godot file. I treat them like any other RPG tileset.

How did you get the character sheets to work? They are not formatting correctly for me when I use hFrames and vFrames. they will either animate correctly but have artifacts (like shown) or they won't animate correctly at all.

If you did any kind of re-sizing could you please let me know what kind of edits were necessary? 

Hi Dr_Forth

I’m using the 32x32 player set. I see you have 58 Hframes, I have 56 Hframe.

Which file are you using?

Regards, Rick

I believe you might be using the raw body tiles. I’m using the character generator. Those sizes are a bit different.

(1 edit)

Correct, I was using the 16x16 body files. I wanted to experiment with interchangeable hair/skin color, etc. in-game.

I guess the raw body sheets don't all align correctly? I'll give the character generator a try.

Thank you for the reply!

Has this been tested in any way for Godot? 


Not sure what you mean with tested, but I’m using them in Godot and works fine. Just the individuel tileset (not the big one because that becomes slow)

Can I use this asset in a commercial project?


Reading is not your forte, isn't it?

____________________________________________________________________________ Complete version LICENSE (paying at least 1.50$):


 - Edit and use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project  

 - Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project 


- Resell or distribute the asset to others

- Edit and resell the asset to others 


 - Credits required (this link) ____________________________________________________________________________

I would like to get the package with the museum tileset, how do I get it?

Once you purchase the complete pack (Paying $1.50 or more) you get full access to every single theme including the Museum.


Amazing pack! thank you very much! Would love to see in up future updates bar/restaurants/arcade

(1 edit)

I just bought it, is it possible to get just the sprites of the body, clothes, accesories, etc seperate.


Nvm found it

You need a veterinarian, including the usual pets.

Hi, RPG maker MV is not recognizing the walls, am I missing something?

(3 edits) (+1)

Hi I was wondering regarding the user_interface_elements if there was a description of what some of the included UI emotes are supposed to be, I didn't see a description file included unless I missed it. 

Such as this one? is this a biker perhaps? I have no idea, I am wildly guessing haha 



That one in particular is a guard/cop as shown in the museum theme, tho sadly none of the emotes have any descriptions for what they actually are, you'll just have to guess



I'm wondering if there is a pickaxe/pickaxe animation somewhere that I'm just not seeing. I'm sorry--you probably get a million questions like this lol. I also know you are working on the farm update to Modern Exteriors, so maybe a pickaxe animation could be cool in that context? Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

Did any one notice that animated sprout 16x16 tileset missing? Or I just misplaced it?
Can anyone suggest how to make 16x16 tile series out of 48x48? Like any special app that will resize those and put in correct order?

GIMP did the tick for me with resize.


Hello, I've tried using the character generator after purchasing, but if I wear a big head on the character, it overlaps with the pixel character motion right next to me, so it's a little frustrating that the pixel doesn't cut properly. To prevent this, could you modify it so that pixels can be stored a little more spaced apart?

(1 edit)

What do you mean by "Big head"? There's only one head size, bodies, eyes, and outfits don't change the size of the character at all, hairstyles may often make the character slightly bigger and some accessories may add some extra to the character but it should always fit a 16x32 cell size.

Edit: By big head I'm guessing you meant hat, correct? if so then I see what you're saying, some hairstyles don't go well together with hats, but I'm afraid if you want it fixed you'll have to edit them yourself as they're not being worked on anymore.


Hi Original! Some Hairstyles can't go well with some accessories, I'm sorry!
To fix that I should have added a version of each hairstyle with each accessory, but it'd would have been madness both time-wise and efficiency-wise, because there would have been waaaay more files to save and manage

Thank you for your kind reply.


Hi, I just bought four libs from you Modern interiors - RPG Tileset [16X16]

Modern exteriors - RPG Tileset [16X16]  Modern User Interface - RPG asset pack [16x16]   Modern Office - Revamped - RPG Tileset [16x16] 

What I want is I need to use all pixel assets except the generator in my unity project, which assets do I need to download? I found several generators in the links, but I don't know which I need to use.

(1 edit)

I'm not sure I fully understand, for most use cases you can just download the main Modern Interiors folder which contains everything in the Modern Interiors pack.

If you're using RPG Maker there's a separate folder there for you which has been modified to work with that engine specifically.

The Character Generator is a tool (Created by me) which makes creating characters easier, in the main Modern Interiors folder there are characters but they are all split into different parts which you need to manually combine together, the Character Generator is simply a software to help you create characters without having to go through that process.

Hope I understood your question correctly and was able to answer it, let me know if I miss understood the question.


You can learn about all gif animations of this asset package in the browser

Ok this is pretty cool I have to admit ahahah

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