398th update: Condominium 1/2

update v41.0

- 2 

The END is near
today's and tomorrow's updates gonna feature some condominium interiors
to create a connection between Modern Interiors and Modern Exteriors

- Added a staircase going up (2 sizes and 4 colors) and a staircase going down (4 colors)
- Added a condominium mailbox (3 colors) and its hanging version (4 colors)
- Added a condominium doormat (2 sizes, 3 colors)
- Added an animated pointing down arrow to the "User Interface" folder
- Added an animated pointing up arrow to the "User Interface" folder
- Added an animated mailbox emote and its static version to the "User Interface" folder


*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


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Sep 19, 2021

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*The END is near*

Crossed their mind once again as the display switched to 398. Shooting noises vanishing in the background.

*A single floor between me and the 400*

They thought as silence took over.

*Where'd that come from?*

They thought as a letter appeared in the middle of the floor.

It seemed to have the same seal as those of the first text files.

*What does this mean?*

His mind trying to understand the relation between all of it. An inaudible gasp as the words revealed themselves: b̨̭e͙w̦̜̟̮̭a̫̻̠r̡̼̳͢͟e̢̠̦̱ ̞o͖ͅf̪̫ ̡͉̬̻̩3̼9̜9

Their eyes now back to the display.

*What does this mean?*


This is getting epic o-o