Maintenance update: Better Compatibility

⚙️What made history cannot be forgotten⚙️

update v41.3 

To improve the compatibility between Modern Interiors and Modern Exteriors I've added a version of every sprite with a new shadow hue, the exact one used in Modern Exteriors

- Added a "Black_Shadow" version of each theme from the "Theme Sorter"
- Added a "Black_Shadow" version of each single file from each theme

example with the new black shadow VS the classic grey shadow

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)

Files 150 MB
Jan 17, 2023 8 MB
Jan 17, 2023

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Hi, I recently downloaded the purchased version and I'm a little slow lol. Do both the Modern Interiors and Modern Interiors RPG Maker contain the same assets just the files are structured differently? In simple terms, what's the difference?

Yes, the difference is that in the RPGm folder the tilesets are ready to be used in that software!

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Hi, Ive been trying to use the free version in unity but once ive split up the tilemap, the tiles dont fill out the grid and have a huge amount of blank space around it. Do you know whats wrong? i want to purchase the full version as well as the office one but i want to fix this error first

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in the tile map palette the tile are separated as they should be with no gaps in between them and the grid is set to the right size

Hi Ducky! It's probably because of the slicing up setting you are using! I'm not a Unity expert tho, but there are some in our discord community!


ok thank you!! Will take a look soon ☺️


Wow, it makes a huge difference

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ye fr Aidas, at this point I'm not even sure, way back in 2020, why I chose that grey color to be the default shadow

To leave rom for improvement and learning ;D


Oh yes, I love the new shadow colour!

Thanks Ava! <3


Oh woah you really thought of it all!

Ahahaha yeah for real, I keep thinking from time to time how to improve this pack, and the urge to remake certain themes is stronger and stronger ahahah

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Ahahaha you are welcome hexa! Let me know in case something is off <3