400th update: Condominium additional files

update v41.2
- Added the shadowless version of the condominium tileset
- Added the condominium sprites as single files 
- Added the condominium sprites as single shadowless files 
- Added 2 layer by layer condominium designs to the "Home_Designs" folder  

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v41.2.zip 138 MB
Sep 21, 2021

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Don't you have the animations of that door opening done?

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)


Confusing as it may have been, that's where they arrived.

*Last thing I remember was a door at the top of the red carpeted stairs...*

This might have just been another one of those stupid lessons the entities like to push our way, but that's where they passed the last half century trying to arrive; back home.

Maybe that's where they should've stayed. Maybe they should have spent more time with their friend. Maybe he should have taught their dog to catch, maybe... maybe... but it's too late. The outside world was dangerous.

*The Locket!*

They thought while gripping the old thing. They lost almost everything they cared for, except for the locket. Was it worth it? Nobody he knew existed anymore, his loyal canine lost to the dire outside world as it had become in a sadistic turn of their destinies.

The empty home made the feeling heavier. A sudden rush of sadness as memories rushed back, in a mix of nostalgia and despair. Their home felt strange though. It felt like the day before. The day before the text_apocalypse came.

*What does this mean?*

Crossed their mind as a broken record, but this time it hit naturally. The old broken computer in the corner was turned on. The plastic casing, white, not that old-plastic-yellow color it had for decades at this point.

*My hands… young?*

Their hands had somehow… the desk… the clock was working… that's when they heard that good old woof.

*Is this real?*

They fell to their knees as their friend came like a rocket.

*This has to be a dream!*

They thought as their loved boi licked their face. It lasted for a while before the dog decided to go play; rushing outside for their favorite toy.

*NO!* they screamed, in an attempt to avoid losing that again. But that's when their eyes actually looked at the window… it was like nothing ever happened.

White clouds on blue skies, people running, laughing, and their dog pulling on that stupid stinky rope they loved so much.


They poked themselves to make sure this wasn't a dream … would they dare? Stepping outside for the first time in so many cycles? Would they live it all again?

*Yes, yes I will*

They thought as their right foot crossed that door once more, and into the outside they went, where they played with their dog for years to come.