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A downloadable asset pack for Windows and Linux

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 The most anticipated addition for Modern Interiors and Modern Exteriors

This asset will provide you with everything you need for your user interface

Some Features include:

- Various window frames and styles
- Loads of unique Buttons (42 total)
- Tons of props to create UI for Shops, Inventories and much more
- Available in 3 sizes  (16x16, 32x32, 48x48), ready for any engine!

Portrait Generator 

- Easy to use tool included (Overview)
- Fully synched with the Character Generator from Modern Interiors 
- 9 Skin tones29 Hairstyles (with 6 recolors each), 15 Accessories (+ recolors)
- Each possible combination is supplied with a Talk animations (10 frames), a Nod animation (10 frames) and a Shake Head animation (10 frames)

Dialogue Boxes

- With the Power of the Portrait Generator + the versatility of the frames you will be able to create many dialogue boxes, like those below!



LICENSE (.txt file provided):

- Edit and use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project 
-Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project
- Resell or distribute the asset to others
- Edit and resell the asset to others
-Credits required (this link) ____________________________________________________________________________

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 16x16, Action RPG, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Pixel Art, storygame, Tileset, Top-Down, User Interface (UI)
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now
On Sale!
35% Off
$6.00 $3.90 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Modern_UI_v1.2 4 MB
Version 3
Portrait_Generator_Windows 24 MB
Portrait_Generator_Linux 31 MB

Development log


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I need help with my GUI and I need some feed back on it. The name is Cybernetic GUi system.

This is not the place to be asking this.


Awesome UI!!

Thanks a lot itchgamers! <3

This asset is marked as a game on itchio. It shows up on the official game launcher app as well as other third party apps.

Could you change this product to be part of the asset category? Thank you~

It had had to be a itch bug tho, this has always been marked as game asset!

Thanks for letting me know! It is fixed again!


Hello, I'm also using your UI assets in my game.

I'm wondering if it would be possible for you to add icons for day/night, weather and perhaps the 4 seasons?

I've included a video of my game's progress, showcasing your UI elements:

Hey, where did you get this awesome cursor icon from?

Hey! Is there any cursor sprites and animations in this asset pack?

Yes, there are a couple of cursor sprites in the asset!

In the very first preview image here, where Simon says you're always late - in the top right there's a clock and a coin icon - I see the clock icon in the sprite sheets, but not the coin. The coin ones are larger, and don't quite match. Where is the right coin?

Hello, I download Portrait_Generator_Tool_v1.0 and only found .exe file for windows, will it support MacOS in future?

Hey there! Portrait Generator dev here! I tried adding support for Mac while developing the Portrait Generator however I wasn't able to get around Apples security requirements without paying for an Apple developer account which cost $100 a year which sadly isn't worth it as I'm not earning any money off of the Portrait Generator aside from the initial commission I recieved

(1 edit) (+2)

Could you create weather icons, please? It would be also nice to have it in the asset pack :)

How Do You Stretch The Assets? Im Making a Hud And i Dont Know How!

It depends on what technology you're using. We would need more info 馃檪

I also have the above problem. Do I need to re-splice through Aseprite?

if you're using a game engine, look for 9slice


Thank you for your reply. I am being silly. I use Unity as my development engine and I didn't realize that the source Image type under Image component can be selected as Slice. My problem has been solved


Manually, you should probably be able to separate corner pieces from each of sides pieces .. imagine 3 x3 grid and you cut it up into 9 pieces with 4 corners, and then each 4 sides and a center.

In Godot use NinePatchRect and you input the # of pixels each corner is.

in Unity, you add Sprites package and setup a 9-slice sprite .. see youtube for tutorial ... 

Idk other game engines right now...

thank you

Hello, I just bought it, and the above page shows that the "Portrait_Generator_Tool_v1.0" tool supports MAC, but I didn't find the running program for mac in the decompression package of the downloaded "Portrait_Generator_Tool_v1.0" file. Is it not made yet?

I'm afraid that's a mistake, there is currently no Mac builds for the Portrait Generator, I attempted to make one but due to Apple's restrictions I was unable to.


Hi LimeZu, thank you very much for another fantastic asset! It would be great to have a coin, which includes a star icon in the middle :) Can we also use this pack in commercial projects?


I may not be LimeZu but I can answer the second question, as shown in the license you can use Modern User Interface in commercial projects as long as proper credit is given, aka this link.


Do you have only smile expression? Is there any other expression like angry, sad, shy... etc?

(1 edit)

There's only three animations for the characters, Talk, Node, and Shake, however there are emotion icons for happy, sad, neutral and and angry if that's what you're talking about


Hi, any plans to include the accessories as well? Would be nice if my character has equipped an accessories, and have the portrait reflect the changes!

(1 edit) (+1)

There is indeed an update planned which will add all accessories + a Portrait Generator similar to the Character Generator in Modern Interiors to make creating portraits super easy (Made by me!)


Very soon very soon ehehe


"Fully synched with the Character Generator from Modern Interiors"

I have installed the generator from the interiors pack, how do I sync the files from this pack to that? I opened the download and it is a lot of aesprite files.


It's a bit miss leading, what he means is the portraits use the same skins/hair/accessories that Modern interiors does meaning you can make a character from Modern Interiors and then make that exact same character as a portrait, however to do this it is currently manual, you need to copy all the different parts of the portrait pieces together in some sort of art software like or Aseprite.

a tool to automate the process is coming soon tho, I've already finished developing the Portrait Generator which will act similarly to the Character Generator in Modern Interiors, we're just working on the finishing touches right now and it will hopefully be released soon, tho I won't give an exact date.


Appreciate your reply! Excited to see what you have in the works!


New update from Limezu, better buy it. I've yet to use any of the assets in spite of me buying them like 2 years ago, but I believe, some day I will use them. In the mean time I do think that it's cool to at least support the project.


That's the spirit Juicy! Thanks for supporting <3


thanks for ur awesome asset, i have a question
how can i use ur text font ?

The font used is Arial Bold, it's a pretty common font

Deleted 334 days ago

Mmmhh I'm not very familiar with that game tbh


Amazing as always 

Thanks typenull <3

How can I import this to RPG Maker MZ?


MZ has a very rigid menu for the most part. You would need to construct your own menus by cropping these assets individually into pictures and then assembling them on the screen at runtime, or get a plugin that helps you create custom menus. You could also customize the windowskin using these assets, but it won't use very many of them and might not look right since the windowskin stretches based on window size.

Using SRDude's HUDmaker plugin (It is a bit pricey) works wonders and I feel is the easiest way.  You can also use other picture plugins and events.  It isn't plug and play.   Look up youtube videos!  Hope that helps!


Hi there, any possibility that we can get more school and teaching related assets, need a classroom, blackboard, desks etc etc.


i dont think it's GUI bro, you should ask in his Modern Interiors  pack.


ahh yes thank you. wrong window :D

Hi i purchased the pack , would it be possible to get a zip with the individual files or a psd? im not familliar with any tiling software and im using it for roblox which just has a 9 slide editor


Hi lawrence, gonna schedule it for one of the next updates!


outstanding work as always :-)

Thanks orange <3


Hi, I really love your tilesets and I bought most of them because I've always wanted to make a modern story game but with something simple like RPG Maker (cuz I don't really know how to code hahah). How do I import this UI into RPG Maker XP?


cool dude

Thanks rykk <3


Brought this without hesitation. My awful attempts to make a GUI which fits this style has long annoyed me haha


Ahahahah I hope this will solve your problems Ghost <3


I feel ya, I've had the same exact struggles


I'm gonna to try this with PhaserJS, awesome work as always LimeZu!


Thanks daniel <3

That's cool that you released this. Unfortunately I'm not currently using RPG Maker and I'm not sure if I could figure out how to set these up in GameMaker.

Hey prof! I believe this works way better with GMS2 than with RPGM! there are a lot of UI tutorials for GMS2 on youtube!


Wow, super cool! Will you add bitmap text with 盲, 枚, 眉 maybe in the future?

Sure why not, I'm adding it to the list <3


Another instant buy. You're genuinely one of the best creators!

Thanks a lot Omega <3


I was expecting a UI kit, it finally came.


Glad to have met your expectations! :)


amazing i love it

Thanks hexa, I appreciate it! <3


Instant buy!
Another amazing work!! I'm gonna renew my game ui just for this >w<

Thank you so much for the great work!

Thanks for supporting Adela <3
I hope this will be perfect for your project!

(1 edit) (+3)

These look so good! I need to test these tainted / hue shifted / inverted now! And that generator! Great work!


Thanks dejaime! <3
It's when you don't post a joke that I know I did a quite good job ahahah


Hey since last week I was looking for good frame templates that could match Modern assets... and voil脿! Thank you for your work, well done as usual!

Thanks pygnosis! It was a really needed asset, also because my colour palette is quite hard to match with others' work!


Instant buy. And only after buying I realised that there was even a portrait generator included.  Well done. Another great pack.


Thanks Usta! The portrait generator took a lot of time, but it was totally worth it! 100% gonna update it with accessories etc <3


Amazing! This pack completes your pack collection <3


Thanks Aidas! <3
I feel the same, it was an important missing piece!



Ahahahaha This year started so well, I'm excited and full of energy! <3


it's literally so cool every time I see another release I want to use it for my commercial releases sequel and I still gotta finish the first xD 


Ooh this looks great! Congrats on the release! And the rebranding on the asset packs looks very nice as well. <3 You're awesome!

Thanks a lot pingu!<3
It was a while I wanted to make some cool covers for the "Modern" collection, and when if not with the release of a new piece?!


Oh no you didn't... Oh YES you DID! Can't wait to try these out. As usual you go above and beyond... Also contains text box heads which match your previously released characters? Thank you very much!

Ahahahah I felt the same disbelief when actually publishing it, it was something I've always wanted to do! Thanks for supporting C64! <3

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