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A downloadable asset pack

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$4.00 $2.00 USD or more

-After the groundbreaking success of Modern Interiors
(70k downloads, 350k views)

- Another daily-updated adventure has started

This asset will provide you with everything you need for your exterior areas

Some of the Features:

- Crisp RPG style, unique palette
One of a kind asset (you won't see copy-pasted stuff here)
- Streets, buildings and each little detail you need for your cities
- Animated vehicles with 8-directional rotations
- Frame-by-frame made animations (both .gifs and sheets provided)
- Available in 3 sizes  (16x16, 32x32, 48x48), ready for any engine!
- Everything is also divided into single named files!
- Also available in single named files!
- Characters are from Modern Interiors


2 $ single payment
(daily updates are included)



Today's update


 LICENSE (.txt file provided):

- Edit and use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project 
-Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project

- Resell or distribute the asset to others
- Edit and resell the asset to others
- Credits required (this link)

RPG MAKER MV/ MZ supported, but with limitations regarding the animated sprites, due to how the software works
For anything, post a comment below :)
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Updated 1 day ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(152 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, GameMaker: Studio, Unity, Godot
Tags16-bit, 2D, Action RPG, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, Tileset, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$4.00 $2.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Modern_Exteriors_v17.7 79 MB
Version 22
Modern_Exteriors_RPG_Maker_MV 2 MB

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Just a general question. What would you expect a asset pack like this to cost if someone would order it specifically for their game. Would it be equivalent to the 7500 USD target you've set for this or would it be more expensive?

Deleted 9 days ago
Deleted 9 days ago
Deleted 8 days ago

Tem esse pacote na steam?

(1 edit)

Este 茅 um exclusivo


Do you plan on make trains and rails?


Hi Shido! yes, the train station is a planned theme! :)

Does this work with RPGmaker?

Hi Hither! The asset pack works decently with the rpg maker, considering all the software limitations like the max tileset size (768x768)

Hi! First of all thank you for all the amzing contents you published, I'm a great fan of your assets!

I have to ask you a fix...I was trying to import the 3_Buildings_32x32.png file into Unity and I was going to edit it in the Sprite Editor to create a tileset to be used in a tilemap... There are some errors while trying to slice it. I also noticed that the last building is not alignated to the other on the left side. Thank you very much for your efforts!

Deleted 24 days ago

Hi El Octopus! Thanks for supporting!

You are not the first one having issues with the Unity slicing tool, that's why in the next daily updates I'll add single files of each existing sprite, so it should be super easy for Unity users to import the stuff!

thanks a lot! That would be great! Could you also group the sprites of the "Singles" folder into folders for each Group of sprites? This would help us a lot!

For example:

Inside the singles folder there could be the folders: "Buildings", "Camping", "Terrain"...and so on...I think that that fix will speed up a lot our work! Thank you a lot!

Hi, just purchased this pack for my RPG Maker game, and I gotta ask, why is the specified RPG Maker tilesets not in a format usable for RPG Maker? It limits how many tilesets you can use on one map type, so having dozens of different images containing the whole tileset instead of a single one makes it unusable without me having to edit it myself to include them. I understand if it's hard to work with, but I really would appreciate to see this fixed, this is an excellent tileset, and I just want to be able to use it.

Hi Mario, I was forced to make the RPG Maker tilesets that way cause the software has a super annoying tileset max size, that is 768x768!
Let me know if things changed, because I'm pissed as well with the way the software manages tilesets



Please if you add moto and bike, some pets  that your library will come to life


Thanks khan! Bikes and animals are already on the to-do-list <3

good job man!


Just to confirm, now that I paid for access I can edit them as much as I want? I intend on making a commercial game, of course I'll give credit <3, but I may want to go with a different palette for example (idk just yet, but checking).


There should be a licensing text file inside the download, you should check there.


Sure Dustin, you are able to edit them the way you want! <3

I'm excited because I am making my own PKMN-like game series.  I really wanted to make a game in the style of gen 5, and think this tileset is going to help a lot with that. 


How do we get the daily updates? Do we need to download it or something?

The assets look great btw :)


Yeah you just download the latest version. I usually just check in every few weeks and download whatever is current. It'll be in your library once you've paid so download it from there and you don't have to pay again.


Exactly as Giraffupus said except you can also get automatic updates if you use the app

Thanks for answering this guys! <3


Been following this pack for a long time. As someone who makes asset packs, I must say watching you continue to consistently grow this pack is inspiring. Keep it up!

Thanks VEXED! <3

Is there any reason why the rpg maker sheets don't contain everything in the sized sheets?

Hi choccie! I usually update the rpg maker stuff from time to time since it requires quite a lot of time! I'm gonna do it tomorrow with all the missing stuff!



Hello. I am new, and I recently purchased a couple of different packs. When attempting to add them to the database, I am only presented with a partial view of the assets and only a few of them. I am sure it is something on my end, but I have yet to find a guide to help work me through it. Any advice? 

Are you using the tiles from the RPG maker file, or are you using the ones in the size folders? In the main file, there is a folder for RPG maker tiles as RPG maker I think works differently from other engine software.  Try using those and that should solve your problem. 

Thank you! That works! Only draw back is I am not able to get all the images I would like on the tilesets

You could use photoshop or gimp to do this. Set up a grid that's 48x48 with snapping on, move over the parts that you do need, and delete the parts you don't. Funny enough I noticed today that the RPG maker sheets don't contain everything on them, which is a little strange.

Great suggestion! Thank you


Hi, can you animate this helicopter? I mean it would be awesome if i can use it to flying above city.


Thanks for the suggestion elia, I'm adding it on the discord to-do list! 


I've said it before and I'll say it again - the value for these asset packs is incredible. How much work goes into this, and the quality of what you get, is so far beyond the asking price it's insane.

I've purchased packs for literally ten times the price and gotten far less, in both quality and quantity.


And you receive extra updates, which is insane

Thanks C64, I'm really proud that my work is perceived this way <3


The character for walk got a little crop with bed. try on Godot with hframes 58 and vframes 20

Hi Rofie, can you please send a screenshoot of the issue?


It is assets can used for Tiled Map Editor?


I'm pretty sure they can be used with it!


Plz do a free version


It's $1.50 It's almost free.

Hi Delta, a free version might be added at the asset completition :)


Please pay the paltry sum for this amazing and huge asset pack. It's well worth supporting!


LimeZu Inspired Art + "Custom" Extended Character Generator


Super cool! <3

How can I do this, please tell me


A flying Animation for the Helicopter would be also cool.


It would be soo cool, no doubt! It's on the list for when I'll dedicate an entire theme to vehicles!


Can you please make some more Abandoned Hoses.


Abandoned Houses are planned!


I abandoned a hose once. Flooded the cellar. Never again.


Please make the interiors for the Gun Store.

The Gun Store was a request, that's why there are no interiors for it! I'm gonna draw them soon or later, but it's not a priority atm!


i bought your 3 packs. Please update some animals and fish.

Thanks for supporting khan, animals are on the list, but not a priority atm! 


please sell  UI item packages like button, setting, money icon, circle process, inventory....


it would be sooo cool if you could make more animations for the boat.

Coz i need in my game somebody that can drive a boot.

Gonna add this to the stuff for the vehicle theme!

I drove a boot once. Much more sole than a Lamborghini.


Your style is amazing.
Could i make a little request for the next update?
I love your Camping, but it needs a few more tent types (igloo and jump tents?). I would also appreciate an ugly white pavillion.
Second request would be a festival/disco/concert tileset.
Lastly, a little pickup, mini truck or golf caddy would be amazing.
These are super essential for me, and maybe for others as well..


Hi Jules! Thanks for this great and original requests! I'm adding them to the suggestion list on the discord server, so I won't forget them!


big love you angel! i'll add myself to the discord server then, what a splendid idea!

(2 edits) (+1)

Maybe more vehicle types?   Would be nice (even as an extra asset pack).


I really like this asset pack and will be used in my zombie games.Its a amazing pack with so many good quality stuffs 

I want to suggest a damage version of objects if possible ,cause I am creating a  post-apocalipse city ,and zombies things like that.. 


Hi! I just want to share lime zu inspired characters!

i havent made all views yet... and still filling up more characters? 

Very very cool, I especially lke the animations!


How can i create characters ? 


Buy the modern interiors pack and then download character generator by chkfung.

thank you very much 

Thanks kpop for the help! <3


thank you gut

You are welcome jaber!


I just bought this assets pack and it is just amazing. So much is in this pack for an extremly low price. Limezu you made an amazing job with this!

Thanks Cookie, I'll keep pushing! <3

Deleted 86 days ago

Seriously, this is the best pack I've ever seen, and it's only $1.50 :(


Thanks guys <333


Question: Can I use these to supplement a background in an animated short?

Sorry for the late reply! Yes, you are allowed to!


Just purchased, great work Limezu! been following you for years!


Hi Limezu, do you have a GUI pack for this?


Currently he does not be there may be one in the future 馃槈


It's coming quite soon gamebucket, and thanks for supporting! <3


Hi LimeZu

Can you please do a brickwall that can be used for all directions & corners?
I would highly appreciate it!

free tiles >:)

Hi Miro, I've updated the wall tiles a bunch of versions ago! :)


Are you adding any more new exclusive content from now until the 30th?

Hi Infalieve! That date only refers to the Recolor Collection! I'm adding the content to the pack almost daily! -> daily updates


Would it be possible to add bicycles?


Hi Mikumo! Bicyles will be added for sure, but integrating them into the Character Generator of Modern Interiors requires a lot of work, so they will added at first as static sprites + some pre-made characters riding them!

That's good to hear! I'm mostly interested in the static sprites without characters involved as this is an addition made for a park/shop scene. Would send screenshots of some work when it's done!


does this work for construct?


Hi Gamebucket! I'm not sure tho, but it should work if Construct is compatible with 16x16, 32x32 or 48x48 


Hello, I'm amazed by your work and I'm using it to our capstone project, it really help us a lot. And also I would like to suggest on your next update, add a school or other buildings. Thank you so much! 

Thanks Creep! I'm really glad you are using my assets in your project! <3 School will be added very soon!

Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. Thank you, stay safe!

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