285th update: Subway and Train Station 22/?

update v30.8

The Subway and Train Station theme will feature many new essential props and vehicles, along with some never-seen-before characters

- Added 3 different idle homeless characters
- Added 2 new buskers playing a drum
- Added a couple more buskers' props and some stains to place on the floor

See you and happy game-making! :)

From now on, the new theme will be only available in the "WIP_Theme".zip until it's finished.  This way you won't have to download the whole asset to just have a couple of new sprites.
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WIP Theme_Subway_and_Train_Station.zip 1 MB
99 days ago

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The buskers are super lively. Love them !

But I have to say that the homeless person sleeping looks weird. It seems that it’s the same animation as when they are standing but they are doing it on the floor, so it looks a bit unnatural to me.

Wouldn’t it be better having just the chest move up and down, instead of the whole body moving left and right ?


Thanks feral! I tried doing something like the chest moving up but it looked a bit weird tbh, what do you think about it?


I agree with you, it’s a bit weird too. But it’s better than the other version, in my opinion.

Maybe it would work even better if the chest moved a bit slower than it does now ? After all when you sleep you don’t move a lot. Not sure if it’s something that you can do in the sprite sheet, or if it is something that it’s better done in the game engine.

Mmhh I think you are right, something is off, I'm gonna work on it to make it look more natural!


This is so cool


Thanks a lot YUU! <3

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I can only play instruments in videogames, but in them I play perfectly!

That's what you call a gift u-u