304th update: Beach 9/?

update v32.7

Let's dive into the Beach, one of the big missing themes of Modern Exteriors
Expect waves of new props, buildings and animals!

- Added a couple of new sand castles (+ destroyed versions)
- Added various beach themed signs 

See you and happy game-making! :)

From now on, the new theme will be only available in the "WIP_Theme".zip until it's finished.  This way you won't have to download the whole asset to just have a couple of new sprites.
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50 days ago

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Thanks a lot Yuu! <3


The crabs are the best ! But can they only move from left to right 🤔 ?


Also where do I get that cute cat character sprite from ?

Thanks feral! <3 Most crabs only walk sideways soooo I don't think I'll make the other directions ahahaha 
The tiger costume comes from the Kids_Outfits of Modern Interiors!


Looks like a party! And we're going to have a ... crabload of fun! *ba-dum-tss*
But seriously, I love the crabs and the sandcastles and the whole beach theme as a whole. Keep up the good work, just don't forget to take some breaks. :)

ahahaha that was a nice one Mara! Thanks a lot <3, prolly gonna take a break in a month, since the last one was in August 2023!


man thats so damn cute

nice job as always lime

Thanks a lot kiankyy, I love making cute stuff ahaha <3