92th update: Metropolis 11/?

update v11.6

The "Metropolis" update serie will include tons of new buildings and elements for your city,  with the goal to supply a complete and realistic city tileset    

- Added a new recolor of the sidewalk tileset
- Added a vertical "HOTEL" sign
- Added a new trash bin (+ a couple of variations)
- Added a bunch of holes in the sidewalk + some road works signs

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Exteriors_v11.6.zip 35 MB
Sep 16, 2022

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But where are the giant tentacles?


Great question, I'm asking the artist now


This looks amazing! Random question, what color pallet are you using? I'm starting to make some basic art that I'm combining with yours and it would be a lot easier if I could work with the same color palette you're using


Thanks Legendary! I'm adding a file with the palette tomorrow, it's a palette I have created during the years and many colors of it are shared between Modern Interiors and Modern Exteriors!

Good to know, thx


Damn! Those sidewalks are dangerous :P

Ahahaha indeed, luckily we have the danger zone signs!


Amazing <3


Thanks Ghost <3


The holes in the road are awesome ! Makes me want to see what is actually down there… sewers, tunnels, subway stations…

Thanks feral! Sewers would be hella cool to draw!!


Always happy to see tile variations! Makes the cities feel more real!!!

I agree Last, having many sidewalk tileset recolors is really game-changing!