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Hi LimeZu, this is really impressive! Amazing job, I loved it! Do you have any plans to release an exterior modern tileset?

Hi pedro, thanks for your comment! The exterior/city pack gonna be the next one for sure :)


Hey man, sorry for all the questions you just make the best assets! If i get the pack for 1.95 or more for this office expansion to the modern interior which ill also be purchasing. Does that include the license to use commercially and for this pack as well  on top of that one? Thanks again, killer work on these!

Hi Ryan, yes buying it for 1.95$ gives you the license :)


The exact wording is confusing:

You CAN use the asset in any not commercial/commercial project

This seems to say to most people “you are not allowed to use the asset in a commercial project”.

I'm changing it right now, thanks for reporting :)


Bought this too! Just waiting for the modern exterior so my characters can go out :D

Yeah, will be really cool to see what they make


Hey LimeZu! It took me 3 months but I finally made a game with your assets. It features procedurally generated houses. I just wanted to give you a big thank you for putting these assets out there, they are absolutely amazing and pretty easy to import into my game.  I loved them and they made my game special!

Here is a link to the video: 

Side note tho: Your newer house assets, tile positions differ from the old ones. Be sure to make all the houses general tiles be at the same location. Random example; a corner upper wall tile should be always at (x50,y20). It makes procedural generation and picking out quad tiles way easier so that the quad number is uniform and all I have to do is change the house texture.

I just watched the whole video! This is such a smart and cool concept, the large amount of stuff given by my assets really find a purpose here!
Thanks for making this, it makes me sooo happy to see such projects! :)

I got your side-note, didn't know about it, I'll keep that in mind!


Hi, I write using GameMaker 2.3.1+ and wonder if  your tile sets would easily import into it?

Hi Zace! The files are ready to be imported, you shouldn’t encounter any issue, but in case I’m here to help you ;)


I just purchased the Modern Interiors a few days ago and i loved it. But i am using RPG Maker MZ (or MV) and i have a question: is this pack compatible with MV like Modern Interiors?

Hi Oliver, this pack isn't MV compatible atm, but I can easily create the proper files since it's a pretty small asset compared to Modern Interiors!
I'll update the .zip folder today or tomorrow ;)

p.s.: thank you so much for the kind words you wrote in the review, I really appreciated <3

Done ;)

Does this include 32x32 versions like Modern Interiors? If not, any chance you could make them? I'll buy this if so!

Hi! Yep, the 32x32 version in included ;)


May I ask when you update this pack in the future, can you add more vertical objects too please? Especially this chair, I really love it but I can't use it fully right now because it's only horizontal ;-;

Thank you!


Hi Nory! I'll update the package in the future, and I'm gonna be sure to add the vertical versions :)


Thank you for considering it! I'll wait patiently xD

Hi, I truly like your assets and would love to use them to replicate a real office environment. For this I'd need vertical versions though. Any update on the progress?
Thanks and cheers for the good work!


Are their plans to make this 48 * 48?

Hi Celestrium, in the files there's a folder for the upscaled versions, including the 48x48 :)

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Hello, your asset packs are really great! May I ask if you will update this in the future? I'd really appreciate items such as a calendar, a projector + a screen to project onto, a bulletin board (maybe with sticky notes), different colored document folders...etc. A big long or round table used for meetings/discussions and chairs facing different directions would be great too!

I own the Modern Interior pack and it is clear that you're busy and working hard, so no pressure! I really appreciate your work!

Edit: Oh and do you have plans to make office worker sprites? Modern humans with office suits, ties, skirts and such. Assets with this theme is so rare :(


Hi Nory, thanks for your precious comment!
This pack won't be updated in the immediate future, but I'll add more things for sure cause some ideas you all gave me sounds so funny to draw!


Hey thanks I love your modern tiles. Something very rare for RPG. Do you plan to  make a  "modern outdoors" tileset that goes well with this one and the modern interiors? Something like streets, pavements, traffic lights, cars, cafes etc.

I am working on something with your modern tiles. Even though main story is mainly inside, users still need to go outside. Very limited stuff to use out there for anything modern :)


Hi! Thanks for your comment!

Yes, an outdoor modern asset gonna be out in a month, and it will get frequent updates (not as much as modern interiors, but once a week for sure)

Are you going update anytime soon?

This pack will probably get some updates, but not soon

omg, i missed sale time.. T.T

I totally forgot to extend it before the end, it was supposed to last longer


Purchased :D  You have any characters pack ?

Really like your works :D


Thank you so much! There are some characters in Modern Interiors, but I’ll definitely make  new characters in the future 


ya, im looking for your future work about characters :D


I think police sprites would be a good asset, goes well with the theme

Indeed, a police station asset would be really cool 


Bins, file cabinets, shelves full of classer and meeting room table and animating screens would make it a killer product. The thing that is missing from rpg assets is animated tiles. Variety on charts and paintings would also be nice.

Just a bunch of suggestions though. Good job on that pack too.


Great ideas! Gonna develop them for the next update! Bins have been added in last update! ;)

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Nice and cute assets, keep up the good work


Thank you so much! :)


Hey , great asset! Can you maybe add trash cans and random trash that can be on the ground  ( such as cans or paper ) ?


Ye sure, gonna add them tomorrow :)



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