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Thank you!

good pack, thank you for sharing!

He's an awesome guy

Best Set for my game, I will definitely try to add them. Also play my game :

Play Store Link

Web Link

Which version of RPG Maker will the assets work for?



Thank you! :)


How can I properly give you credit?

For commercial game.

Hi, credit me with my itch profile link ;)


nice, now i dont have to use colored squares for testing my inventory system.
Thanks alot.

ahahah You are welcome :)


You are welcome! :)

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O my god! Those weapons looks so good! You got me with this nice 32x32 size, one of a kind!

Thanks you so much!

I plan adding a lot more in the future, and I hope to improve quality and details level :)


I'm looking forward :)


They are already outstanding, cant wait to see what you add next.


Beautiful set, Thank you.


You are welcome! :)