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Has this been tested in any way for Godot? 


Not sure what you mean with tested, but I’m using them in Godot and works fine. Just the individuel tileset (not the big one because that becomes slow)

Can I use this asset in a commercial project?


Reading is not your forte, isn't it?

____________________________________________________________________________ Complete version LICENSE (paying at least 1.50$):


 - Edit and use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project  

 - Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project 


- Resell or distribute the asset to others

- Edit and resell the asset to others 


 - Credits required (this link) ____________________________________________________________________________

I would like to get the package with the museum tileset, how do I get it?

Once you purchase the complete pack (Paying $1.50 or more) you get full access to every single theme including the Museum.


Amazing pack! thank you very much! Would love to see in up future updates bar/restaurants/arcade

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I just bought it, is it possible to get just the sprites of the body, clothes, accesories, etc seperate.


Nvm found it

You need a veterinarian, including the usual pets.

Hi, RPG maker MV is not recognizing the walls, am I missing something?

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Hi I was wondering regarding the user_interface_elements if there was a description of what some of the included UI emotes are supposed to be, I didn't see a description file included unless I missed it. 

Such as this one? is this a biker perhaps? I have no idea, I am wildly guessing haha 



That one in particular is a guard/cop as shown in the museum theme, tho sadly none of the emotes have any descriptions for what they actually are, you'll just have to guess



I'm wondering if there is a pickaxe/pickaxe animation somewhere that I'm just not seeing. I'm sorry--you probably get a million questions like this lol. I also know you are working on the farm update to Modern Exteriors, so maybe a pickaxe animation could be cool in that context? Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

Did any one notice that animated sprout 16x16 tileset missing? Or I just misplaced it?
Can anyone suggest how to make 16x16 tile series out of 48x48? Like any special app that will resize those and put in correct order?

GIMP did the tick for me with resize.


Hello, I've tried using the character generator after purchasing, but if I wear a big head on the character, it overlaps with the pixel character motion right next to me, so it's a little frustrating that the pixel doesn't cut properly. To prevent this, could you modify it so that pixels can be stored a little more spaced apart?

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What do you mean by "Big head"? There's only one head size, bodies, eyes, and outfits don't change the size of the character at all, hairstyles may often make the character slightly bigger and some accessories may add some extra to the character but it should always fit a 16x32 cell size.

Edit: By big head I'm guessing you meant hat, correct? if so then I see what you're saying, some hairstyles don't go well together with hats, but I'm afraid if you want it fixed you'll have to edit them yourself as they're not being worked on anymore.


Hi Original! Some Hairstyles can't go well with some accessories, I'm sorry!
To fix that I should have added a version of each hairstyle with each accessory, but it'd would have been madness both time-wise and efficiency-wise, because there would have been waaaay more files to save and manage

Thank you for your kind reply.


Hi, I just bought four libs from you Modern interiors - RPG Tileset [16X16]

Modern exteriors - RPG Tileset [16X16]  Modern User Interface - RPG asset pack [16x16]   Modern Office - Revamped - RPG Tileset [16x16] 

What I want is I need to use all pixel assets except the generator in my unity project, which assets do I need to download? I found several generators in the links, but I don't know which I need to use.

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I'm not sure I fully understand, for most use cases you can just download the main Modern Interiors folder which contains everything in the Modern Interiors pack.

If you're using RPG Maker there's a separate folder there for you which has been modified to work with that engine specifically.

The Character Generator is a tool (Created by me) which makes creating characters easier, in the main Modern Interiors folder there are characters but they are all split into different parts which you need to manually combine together, the Character Generator is simply a software to help you create characters without having to go through that process.

Hope I understood your question correctly and was able to answer it, let me know if I miss understood the question.


You can learn about all gif animations of this asset package in the browser

Ok this is pretty cool I have to admit ahahah


HI can i use youre Tilesets and stuff for my game if i put your'e name in the credits or do i need to buy a license?


Once you purchase the pack on all you need is to give credit to LimeZu by attaching a link to his page


No License need to be bought if you paid for the full version of the assets (at least 1.5$ in this case) 


Someone decided to stole your pack...


I have reported it, make sure you do too. There is a link at the bottom of their page.


Thanks for taking action guys <3


Look like it's been taken down!

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anyone know where i to find this wall?? i cant find it


You can create that wall this way!


For anyone having troubles importing larger sprite sheets into Unity, here is what worked for me for pixel perfect results. 

Of course, when you import the image, you should select "Point (no filter)" for your "Filter Mode" and "None" for "Compression". But some of these files exceed the "Max Size" limit, which means the tiles still get compressed and you get some funny pixel behaviour where some of the pixels extend beyond the expected boundaries of your grid. 

When importing, take note of the file's actual pixel dimension in the preview window. For me, I was working with one that is 1152x2640 but was showing 894x2048 in the preview window (maxxed out one side to 2048 which is the "Max Size" limit).  

Here is the preview window in the inspector when you have the image selected:

I increased the Max Size to 4096 and the dimensions then matched the expected dimensions after I hit "apply".

When using this image in the pallette, everything is perfect (don't forget to slice it if you have not already).  

Here is an example of before and after:

Notice the spilling over of pixels above? With max size too low, this means the actual individual tiles have been compressed to 37x37, and then expanded up to 48x48 causing the mess around the edges.

With the Max Size increased to 4096, the individual tiles are now the expected 48x48 so no messed up edges or artifacts. If you increase the size to 4096 and it's still broken, double check the dimensions of your source file and the preview to see if they match, and if they don't, increase your size again. Or in other words, ensure you Max Size is greater than the largest side of your source image.

By the way, you can change this setting on the fly too, so if you have already laid out your map, and have these artifacts, you don't need to lay out your map again. Just change the Max Size of your source image and the result will flow through to your output.

I hope this helps!


This was my problem hours ago! You have my thanks.


This is great info for anyone to know, thanks for sharing.


Amazing work I love all of this and huge inspiration for my work! Take care

Thanks a lot Peter! <3


Hi! I really love your content! Can I use it to make nsfw games?


Haven't heard that question here before lol


Yes you are allowed to!

Has anyone found out a good way to slice the spritesheets in unity? I have tried grid by cell size 16x16, I have tried to slice it automatically but no matter what I do most sprites end up capturing a piece of the next sprite or catch some blank space. Can anyone assist? I love the tileset but this has been driving me nuts for weeks

Hi edmek! If you are trying to import the tilesets, I suggest you to use the single files, that way you won't have to slice things up!
Anyways, there are a bunch of Unity devs who managed to do it in our Discord Server, if you need further help!

Thanks for the reply. It doesnt appear the roombuilder has singles files and that is what I need the most Id say. I don't have a discord unfortunately, any chance you could provide one of the solutions that have worked so far? Sorry for the hassle! I am having this trouble with both interior and exteriors but I am in a point in development where I really need to start building some environments to test how everything works


I just decided to stop being a baby and made a discord. So far so good. Thank you!

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Hey Edmek, when importing characters you need to use the following settings.

Grid by Cell Size (in the drop down)

Pixel Size - X:16 Y:24

Offset - X:0 Y:8

Padding - X:0 Y:8

For the building items the following appears to work.

Grid by Cell Size (in the drop down)

Pixel Size - X:16 Y:16

I need to do some testing as I only downloaded this 5 minutes ago


I just love your work. The simplistic yet very much alive assets are so cool! I'm planning to use all of your "Modern" packs in my next project (bought them all). Thanks for making this, I'm looking forward to anything new!

Thanks for the kind words fairlight! <3
Consider joining the discord server if you haven't already, this way you can show us your awesome project and ask for a feedback if needed!


Already did, thanks (#600)!

Yeah once I've got the basics up I'll share my progress. Framework comes before GFX though :D.

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ohhh you are the 600th!!
Great, looking forward to it! <3


This is a godsend and I feel terrible having not paid for it. Your work is awesome and really helped me out!

Are you using the free version?

Thanks Cloud!
Indeed, in case you are using the free version, it contains like 1% of the whole asset, so you know what to do next ;)


Hello! I am making self-introduction homepage in a top-down rpg format using your assets. How can I give you a credit for your assets? Is it okay to include your profile link in html file via comment?


Sure, just write somewhere accessible my link and you are super fine!


I've played a game where it looks like it's using your assets for everything. Your assets have a cute artstyle


Uh, Which game it was?

I can't use mine in RPG Maker MZ unfortunately

How come? There's a custom folder dedicated to that game engine for compatibility

Tell me more and I'll try to help you!

where are these created?


LimeZu uses a tool called Aseprite, it's a paid art software for creating pixel art, it's also on steam BTW


All Aseprite yep!


will more character parts be implemented in the character generator ? Is it possible to create custom parts ? For import into the generator ?

More parts and animations will be added through future packs!

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Don't you have any video on how to implement the walls? I saw the image tutorial but I'm still very confused. Even an animated GIF will do. I'm using RPG Maker MV files (I'm using MZ). 

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Hi nin, You need to insert the "Walls_A4" files right there in your tilesets!

The, the Upper part of each Wall Pattern is used as "outline" for your rooms

Hi, I'm sorry if this sounds dumb I'm a complete noob with RPG Maker MZ. I did research on google but fond nothing about my issue.

Once walls are imported in tilessets (screenshot 1) I can build the black and white "outline" of the room but I can't add "inside" wall with just the white border and some wall painting like in your screenshot.

If I create a border then add a painting it erase the border (screenshot 2).

I did something with white border from another tilesets (screenshot 3) but it's not really as revelant.


Are the sheets meant to be edited before importing them into godot ? I can not just split them with hframes and vframes and use them. If yes any easy way to do that ?


Ok found the solution, use the chracter generator it will output a sheet that you can use 56 hframes and 20 vframces.

Thanks for this info moh!

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If you take the raw sheets (for the character) and change the sheet to 1920px by cropping from the bottom it should work too. This is what I did to get it to work in Godot 4.

Uh thanks for this info Rhon! I should make a .pdf containing all of these info regarding software implementation

Is there a folder with all of the empty rooms?

Not each single one, but the "Home designs" folder contains some layered rooms, including empty ones.

This is the Museum subfolder, for example:

how do you want me to credit you?

My link is  enough! link


Wonderful asset pack! It's so useful to generate lively levels!

A side note for Godot users: If you can't animate properly the Character Body Spritesheet, that's because you need to subtract vertically the size of a tile to make the sheet be divisible by 20 and subtract some space from the right because the "lift" and "throw" annotations add space to the right so Godot can't divide it properly. The correct sizes for the Body spritesheet should be:

Default Size
Godot Correct Size

The modification at the right has to be done only for the Body spritesheet, since the other ones don't have the annotations at the right. For the other spritesheets you should only remove the vertical extra tile to make it divisible. You can edit the files using Gimp or something like that.


Super useful info Ese! I'll include that in future documentation! <3

How to obtain the 32x32 and 48x48 versions?


Within any of the folders in Modern Interiors are three folders each of their respective sizes

hey friend, i just bought the chara generator and after unziping it weights almost 14gb aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is this a bug or... :'v

Hey, I'm the one who made the Character Generator, this has actually been brought up quite a bit, while it's not a bug I understand it's WAY bigger then it should be. To be honest I'm not exactly sure why it ended up being that big, my guess is it has to do with how Unity (The engine I used to make the Character Generator) handles sprites which makes them way bigger then needed, tho that's just my guess.

In the future I may remake the Character Generator to improve upon it and make the size smaller, but that likely won't be for a while.



I unpacked it and found that the  Generic folder is not in it


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Where are you looking for it? Cause I'm looking in 1_Interiors > 16x16 > Theme_Sorter and I see it there


Yeah, is in that folder with all objects in a single image. But I need individual objects. 

The only thing I can find is in the animation folder.

Thanks for your reply :D

I just looked myself and you seem to be correct, it is indeed missing in the singles theme sorter, I'd suggest reporting the issue on the official Discord since it's faster to contact LimeZu on there

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Hey xing! The Generic folder is not present because it only includes stuff from other tilesets!

Hello Lime! Appreciate the clarification :D

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I'm in godot and trying to use the 16x16 version. How many hframes and vrames should I be using for the Premade_Character_01 sprite sheet? I can't seem to find a good number.



Hi Johnny! Here's how another user managed to correctly slice them up in Godot!

A side note for Godot users: If you can't animate properly the Character Body Spritesheet, that's because you need to subtract vertically the size of a tile to make the sheet be divisible by 20 and subtract some space from the right because the "lift" and "throw" annotations add space to the right so Godot can't divide it properly. The correct sizes for the Body spritesheet should be:

Default Size Godot Correct Size
16x16 927x656 896x640
32x32 1854x1312 1792x1280
48x48 2781x1968 2688x1920

The modification at the right has to be done only for the Body spritesheet, since the other ones don't have the annotations at the right. For the other spritesheets you should only remove the vertical extra tile to make it divisible. You can edit the files using Gimp or something like that.

Hi LimeZu, If I only use RPGMaker MV, do I just download Modern_Interiors_RPG_Maker_Version?

Yup, it's a specialized version made specifically for RPG Maker

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First off - awesome pack.  I've been wanting to do RPG for a while, and I think your set is going to be a huge boon for getting some progress for my ideas.  

Quick question though - I'm trying to slice the some of the interior files, but I can't figure out an auto-slice that seems to work.  Some things seem to fit, but others that should be 16x16 seem to get cut in half.  Is everything on a grid, or am I going to start hand slicing out the components that I want to use?   

For example, I'm trying to slice Generic_16x16 - using 16x45 as my grid based on the resolution, and that just doesn't seem to fit.   Am I missing something?   

Awesome work though!!

Having the same issue. It seems like auto slicing is not possible, which is pretty unfortunate. I am currently looking into using an image software like GIMP to try to turn it into a more uniform sprite sheet. It is a little disappointing that the sheet isn't laid out in a uniform fashion. :/

Many objects that look one tile big take up two tiles because they're shifted for positioning. If you're using the _16x16 files, then 16px is the correct grid size.

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Hey! Does anyone know by any chance, how to make a tilemap with animated objects on Unity? I'm kinda' struggling making an animated door xd I would like the door to only open on interaction e.g pressing e or something. Thank you!!

I've struggled with this a lot in the past, the best way I've found is to just make the door a game object separate from the tilemap


Rule of thumb, if you plan on having players interact with the sprite, dont add it to tilemap, make it an object.

Hi LimeZu!
How'bout you? These assets are compatible with GameMaker 2?

Hi eymar! Sorry for the late reply
Sure, many users have already used them in GM2!

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