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Unique handcrafted pixel battlers

(250+ downloads in 6 days, thank you guys)

31  pixel battlers, each has a recolored version (31 total),  grayscaled version (31 total) and  shadow version:


 Every battler is themed:


 Every battler is saved in a .png file with 2 sizes available (x100 and x200):

 Perfectly fits in your RPGMaker MV project:

 Commercial license:



Trial version:

 11 battlers and their recolored version (no grayscaled and shadow version)

No commercial license


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Check my other stuff here:

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, battlers, Dragons, Monsters, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Sprites, Turn-based, Unity


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $5.00 USD
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Fantasy Battlers - 244 kB
Fantasy Battlers - 1 MB
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This sucks! While paid has more, they are also far lower quality. I feel ripped off.

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I am currently browsing through the assets section on itch. I found this and your other tilesets and those are super impressive too! I'll grab some of those


Good job man!


Hello LimeZu, first of all, I loved your work. I paid for the Summer Sale 2020 bundle, but this pack in particular won't show me the complete zip file for download (same problem as Gawain here in the comment section). Is there anything I can do to access it?

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Hey, sorry for that issue, still not sure why it happens :(
Here's your free download key:
EDIT: ok, I figured out why it was happening, now it's fixed: the bundle price (3$) was lower than the .zip price (3.5$), so the .zip wasn't unlocked...but with the bundle deal the .zip price was %60 off to 1.4$, so the problem shouldn't really have happened! 

Thanks to you I looked up a fix again, what a relief!

Now I managed to get it. Thanks for the support. Looking forward to seeing what other things you will create.

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Hi LimeZu,

I recently purchased this in the bundle sale listed here:

However, I was only able to access the regular Fantasy Battlers - Free download.  I wanted to let you know in case this wasn't intentional.  (I suspect you intended for the complete pack download to be unlocked instead.)

EDIT: For now I just bought this pack again to unlock it as a work around.  You can just keep the extra payment as tip, no big deal. :)

I mainly wanted to let you know it doesn't unlock through the bundle purchase.  For the record, I had "purchased" the free demo version before trying to buy the bundle, so that might have confused

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Hi  Gawain,

This shouldn’t have happened. I received several purchases on that bundle, and no one got problems. Buying the bundle, you should have access to every download.

May I ask you if you were able to download the paid version of the other projects in the bundle?

I appreciate your tip, but I feel bad for it, you’ll receive a 100% coupon for my future paid projects as a thank 


Yes, the others worked fine and let me get the full download.

Can I use to my commercial project ?


Sure, the complete version includes the commercial license, so you are free to do whatever you want with them :)

Great stuff! I bought it so I'm gonna use some monsters in my game, fine? 

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Yes, you got the license :)