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This may have been asked a lot, but how does one import the tileset sheets correctly in RPG Maker MV? One some of the sheets, only half of the assets on the sheet is visible.

Import the tilesets into suitable slot. Custom tileset sheets with 768x768 px resolution should use BCDE slot.

I see. Well, now I'm having issues with the water and autotiles. For some of the sheets, I had to manually rearrange tiles so I can fit as much as I can  into a page due to the limited tileset slots. I may have to do the same thing to the autotiles. 


Best purchase ever, still waiting for the time for I get the guts to finish my game xD

your work is LIFESAVING and makes all my projects go so smoothly!! i was wondering, do you have any interest in doing seasonal environments, like a snowy day or autumn leaves scattered around?


Amazing asset. I've had an idea for a game kicking around in my head for a while now,  and this asset seems perfect for it. Thank you so much!

Buenos días, alguien sabe si este pack y el de interiores funcionan en unity? No veo que diga si es compatible 

Hola, son solamente sprites, son compatibles con cualquier engine.

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Thank you for this wonderful art asset! It's given me something to play around with in my free-time and works perfectly with your interior pack. :)

Monsters of Seabrook

Can u please tell me where did you buy the UI game assets

Deleted 28 days ago

Can u please tell me where did you buy the UI game assets


How does your movement look so smooth? is that a plugin? This looks awesome. 

It's GMS2, increased the speed of movement plus minor edits. If anything, it looks a little choppy due to the GIF-format. :')

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@limezu i just wanted to ask what kind of color palette do you use, thx for the amazing work!

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@limezu Hey! Just bought the pack! Though for some reasons the animated objects aren't working right? When I try to select a picture for an event, the selection bar thing is way too small? Like everything is way too big or something to put as an event.. is there something I'm doing wrong? I even tried using the 16x16 ones and they still can't fit. How do I fix this? 

Okay checked comments, I don't think anyone else is having this issue, and I haven't seen you reply to anyone either. I'm starting to panic.. how do I get the animations to work? Can someone please tell me?

Fellow dev here. The animations are working normally in GMS2. Which program are you using and are you using the gifs meant for animation from the download? Most programs have tutorials for how to use animated sprites on youtube.

I’m using RPG Maker MV. 😅

Also I don’t know.. the campfire animation doesn’t seem to fit, neither does the trampoline. I can try to find a picture to show you what I mean but I don’t have access to my computer right now.

Sorry I took so long! Here’s an example picture of the issue.

@limezu Absolutely amazing work. I recently bought this and the modern office revamped pack, and have been having an absolute ball with it :-D

Hi @limezu, thanks so much, as usual, for this great asset. One question - are you planning to eventually substitute Serene Village with art from this asset? Or will Serene Village continue (for outdoor 'village' settings) and this will only be for outdoor 'city' settings?

Am I missing something or does the "Complete_Tileset" file not contain the vertical cross walk?

For example, I am trying to make this (as shown in demo gif):

What bout a wanterfall and mountains to this camp? huh? =P 

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thank you so much!

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how do you edit this style character?



Thank you so much for the amazing packs you created!

I would like to ask you which 2D Game engine you can recommend to use with your tile sets? And which 2D engine you use to do all your previews?

Thanks in advance :)

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got 3 of your packs, ext,int and office, any chance of a train station added to this pack bro? amazing work btw


This is AMAZING!!! No wonder this is the top seller! :O


yo you used a mouse to make all of them or did you use a pen tablet ?


I love everything you do, thank you so much for all this amazing project, you deserve all the best <3

do you think about adding ambulance, police cars, garbage truck and etc?

sorry for my bad english.


I see it says RPG Maker MZ supported, but none of the files are in the RPG Maker format from what I can see. Am I missing something? 

Hey LimeZu! 

Would it be possible if you make single sprite sheet for the new update after the construction site update?  Thank you for such an incredible asset pack

Hey LimeZu! Great work as always! The  amount of effort you put in this is just incredible.

The complete tileset png is turning out to be too big for loading, so would it be possible to have them split up into smaller chunks? That or could you tell me the specs you use while packing them so will repack the singles, epecially the padding used. Thanks!

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Hey LimeZu!

Do you think you could add a 16x16 theme sorted directory, just like in Modern Interiors? That would make it much more easier for us to use both together.

Thank you so much for your incredible assets, keep up the good work! ❤️

Your other package withs the 2000 assets also have this limitations?

Hi there!! Could you tell more about the limitations in MV/MZ? The object sprites like smoke or light or fire also have problems or just the characters?


Do you plan to add factories and other industry structures and object?

Hey everyone! Needing a bit of help with understanding how to make the tiles passable in Unity? The tiles are in the background however my character cant walk around....  Any tips?

Use Tilemap for background and foreground.

Use SpriteRenderer for any movable items and characters.

You can either use Animator or switch sprites in runtime to create walking animation, but remember to change x and y axis of gameobject transform according to the key input, so the character can actually move.

Hey LimeZu, just wanted to express appreciation for these awesome packs. I just put out an alpha of a game using these sprites and I think they look great. I hope you have a nice vacation and maybe with some rest the arm pain goes away a bit!

Hi! I'm having trouble using the 16x16 "Complete_Tileset" file on GameMaker, I lay down the tiles but when I run the game the quality gets absolutely destroyed, do I have to configure it in any special way?

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I had this too, with other tilesets - I think you need to increase your texture page limit size for the project (or re-work your tileset sprites to be smaller / chop them up / re-arrange the tiles), if it's too large, otherwise GMS downscales internally, then supplies the assets at double/triple/ etc size...

The upshot of this is that yep, pixel art looks crap, with huge amounts of missing detail that's simply removed (ie. up to 75% lost, if GMS halves resolution in both directions!)...  :(

Anyway, I did this, and they appear perfectly for me...  :)
If your target platform (mobile etc) doesn't safely support the required size, you'll deffo have to cut your tilesets up or re-jig them...

Maybe @limezu can do this for an update?  :)

Apologies since this is old, but it might help other people. If you increase the texture page too high with GMS2, then it can cause crashes on some devices (in my experience). I've found it easier to just manually move the sprites to a lower sprite width and keep the lower texture page limit. For example, 

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This pack has been an absolute life saver, however I have one issue, I feel I am just being dumb but for the life of me I just can't figure it out, I'm trying to add vehicles to my game, I'm starting with adding a bus, when I try to slice it I can't figure out what parameters to use, the forward and back facing sprites are very close together where as the left and right facing sprites are more spread apart, making it very difficult to slice since I can't just slice it by grid by cell size (I'm using unity btw), I feel I may just be being dumb but everything else in this asset pack has been really easy to slice for the most part, the vehicles are the only one that seems to have issues, some help would be much appreciated!

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Hi LimeZu! In the future are you going to make assets of buildings like hospital and police station?


If you're ever bored, I'm looking for a bike for the characters in this sprite style :D

me too ahaha

Bikes would be a great addition, pedal bikes would be nice but motor bikes would be even better. Super bikes and dirt bikes.


Question, is there any way to access all previous download versions? I've been deleting the old and replacing it with the new as they're released and realized I don't have the early bird/exclusive tiles anymore and I can't figure out how to download them again.

Great assets! Excuse me, i wanna ask a question, if i use it in godot engine, what assets should i use? Can i use the Complete Tileset directly? Or should i pack those single tiles by sth like texture packer and use it individually? Thank you very much! :)

I've found the tile system in Godot to be lacking, so I use an external tile editor called Tiled ( I then used this plugin to import the map into Godot.

Sounds good to me, thanks!

godot has its own built-in TileMap editor, but it sucks, at least in 3.x

Oh shite these ones are awesome! :D


Hi Limezu, I love what you've done so far! I was wondering if it would be possible to include certain versions of tiles without the grass texture underneath, as the grass I'm using in my game is from a different resource. I understand if not, thanks!

realy god art!

Hi LimeZu thank you for answering my question. Its realy nice that you answer al the questions we write. I think you should make a Youtube channel with Pixel art Tutorials because i love your art. It wil make me realy happy if you make some skyscrapers or a mall or a BIG company building! But please dont forgot thats just a idea. And a last thing can you please make the Houses a litle bit biger. That was all the tings i would say Godbye.


Hi LimeZu! I'm really falling in love with your all Modern series, and looking forward to your updates is now the vitality of the day. Thanking you for your efforts in these wonderful works, I would like to ask you a question. 

As "Modern Exteriors" progressed, I was also looking forward to indoor tiles that were not in the existing "Modern Interiors." (e.g. inside a gas station or indoor items at a camping site)

Is there a possibility that the interior tileset of the exterior landscapes added in the Modern Exterior will be added again later as a "Modern Interiors" or other set?

This is just a question for you as a big fan, so I hope you don't feel pressured by this question. Always looking forward to new updates. Thank you again!

I really love all the "Modern" Tilesets! I personally use it for my RPG Maker project and it fits quite well. Had to change the formatting here and there, but even the complex animations work well in RPG Maker with the right plugins.

Looking forward to more Daily Updates! I'd personally love more houses/house types :)

Just out of curiosity, what animation plugins are You using?

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Two MZ plugins, VisuStella Events and Movement Core (free) and VisuStella Animated Pictures (costs 3 USD).

Animated Pictures allows for...well, animated pictures, and the Events and Movement Core allows you to bind animated pictures to events.

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