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Hi, I love your art. But I haven't been able to autotile to recreate your scenes, which tool do you recommend for autotiling?

Hi. I like the art so much. Have bought  for using in my learning. The problem is - if I try to import the whole tileset into Unity it takes ages to slice the set for using as pallete, and even after hours of processing, it takes the huge amount of time to open this pallete in order to use. My PC isn't that great, but still usable for almost everything I need in order to make 2D games. 

Could someone please help me with understanding on how can I slice the tileset or import it into the unity so it works normal and not that laggy? 

Hi there ! Love your assets, a lot ! I wondered if you were planning on adding buildings to the pack ? Like a veterinary clinic, coast guard building for the beach and maybe 5* restaurants ? :D 


HI. Beautiful sprites. However I have a problem. I have RPG Maker MZ, and would like to import the complete tilesets into it. I saved the 48x48 format taken from your ME_Theme_Sorter_48x48 folder in the tileset folder with the names 1_Terrains_and_Fences_48x48.png, 2_... and so on. When I insert them between my tilesets (tabs B, C...), the selection squares match, but I lose many tileset elements.

I tried using the 32x32 and 16x16 but they are too small and the squares don't match. What should I do to have the tilesets in the right format to use them fully? I have to use other files you included in it

Thank you very much


Once i find time i will have so much Fun with these tilesets! Thank you so much for putting so much effort into them! 
and will there be a Space Set with Ships at some Point?

My game's world size can now be endless, because I switch over to a chunk loading system.  This is the start of my conversion, but I'm hoping to start adding your vehicles and other props into the world so that it can feel like a gigantic city:

Do you think it would be possible to add more city buildings?

Also, do you have a color palette that you use?  I'm currently trying to do some re-colors, but it's looking a bit off.

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If you download the latest version of modern exteriors, there is a Palette.png in the root folder.

If you have aseprite: you can open any png and aseprite will create a color palette for you. You can even export it.

Also, nice game, i've subscribed your youtube :)


This is insane...Amount of quality content we have in that price is just fantastic. Thank you!

I am new to this. (RPG Maker MZ) Bought all your Modern packs. Tried importing Modern Exteriors and realized I have no idea what I am doing. I understand the basics but every time I add a tile set I cant get rid of the transparency between two objects. If I put a street light on my map, the transparency around the object like the white and black checkers shows up. It also is importing the files in a really weird configuration. I am obviously just doing this wrong but if you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated. (Using the MZ file)

Lime! Your tilesets are amazing. Ive purchased this one as well as interiors, office, and UI, and I'm designing a game around them. I've found that designing levels/worlds is much harder than expected, even with tilesets. I've taken to using the example images on these pages as references. I'm wondering 1. if its OK with you to design areas that are very close to these examples youve created and 2. if you have a repository anywhere of more example using your tilesets that you'd be OK making available.



The construction files as well as a lot of things seem to be missing from the RPG maker versions of the files. There doesn't seem to be hardly any characters either (I have both interiors and exteriors) I do not have any firemen or construction workers either. I've checked the MV folder and went through file by file and cannot find them :/


Hi. How do I get acess to the updates? Where can I downloaded it? I've purchased the Exteriors and Interior content and was not able to find where I can get the new stuff.


The newest theme is in a separate download. Once the theme has been finished its then added to the main Modern Exteriors download folder


Hi prof! What Legendary said is correct!
From Your Library (link) you can download all the latest versions of your purchased assets


Hi, very cool graphics. I will use it for my game. It would be very nice to get attack sprites for rpg maker characters :)

Thanks marl! I'm gonna add your request to the list <3


Thank you for amazing arts. I already bought!

Thanks a lot nutversion! <3


Hi, your art is amazing, I'm Brazilian so sorry for my English, its works on unity engine ?


Yup it works in Unity! I've personally used it for many projects.

Correct! <3


Just bought this and the interiors, absolutely lovely sets, I especially like the food trucks and store fronts with the little window displays, absolutely wonderful stuff.


Farm and animals :)



I'm already making farm stuff and giving it to Patrons before releasing the actual asset! <3
--> Patreon <--


I think a pet store would be a good idea



That's such a cool prompt, I wanna make a pet shop so bad, but it'd require both interiors and exteriors stuff, so I can't add it here :(


I added combat into my game and it features the zombie character that you added during the Halloween updates.  I wasn't up to combat at the time, but I knew I had to use it when I got to this point.  I've included a video of them in action:

Do you think you will be adding more creatures/monsters in the future?

That looks neat, congrats! Can't wait to check more of your videos!
More creatures/monster are planned for a separate pack <3

Thanks!  Can't wait for the creatures and monsters - they will definitely be going into the game!


How can I get swimming characters?


Hi khan, you can find a bunch of them withing this asset at the following path:



Hello, are there characters in this package?

Just few of them, the main characters source (+ character generator tool) comes from Modern Interiors

Are credits mandatory? How can I add credit if my game is offline? I don't want to put a link

Credits are indeed mandatory. The link is preferred but if you're unable to include a link I'm sure simply putting his name (LimeZu) + the name of the asset pack (Modern Exteriors) will suffice.

I agree, I just need the author to confirm that just putting his name is enough.

hey carlos, the name is enough to credit me! Thanks for supporting <3


Hey LimeZu, amazing work as always!

Got any plans on making a beach tileset?

Hey Vinny, thanks a lot! A beach theme is planned <3

Hi LimeZu, thanks for the great work!
I can't seem to be able to find the left hand side pavement in the Hospital building in ME_Theme_Sorter_16x16/12_Hotel_and_Hospital_16x16.png Am I missing something?


I'm actually realising now that the Modern_Exteriors_Complete_Tileset.png presents a lot of subtle differences than the individual themed ones. Which one is currently the most regularly maintained?

Not sure if I get your question, are you asking if that pavement also comes as a separate sprite?

The single theme files are more accurate, the complete tileset is more used to have an idea on what the whole asset contains

What I noticed in that the single theme files are missing a few tiles that the complete titeset include


Impresionante trabajo justo lo que buscaba, podrías agregar una zona de skate park

Muchas gracias, espero poder agregarlo porque sería genial

- Google translated


I just bought your pack yesterday and i am really happy to noticed an update.

You made really an incredible work congrats. 

I will subcribe to your Patreon from December.

Thanks a bunch Sora! Updates are frequent <3

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You can add a space between one frame and another frame in the characters because I cannot use the sprite editor in Unity

You shouldn't have any issues if you slice them grid by cell size 16x32


(1 edit) (+2)

Do you have a guide for how autotiling is supposed to work with these tiles? I'm having some trouble working out the connections to get them to work right in godot

edit: just noticed some of the street tiles seem to be missing from the themed sets such as the cobbles and brick pavements. will they be added at some point? i ask because godot really doesn't like loading big tilemaps or tilemaps with lots of sub images

(1 edit) (+1)

They are already in there, check the terrain and fences and the city terrain. I thought the same until I noticed it.


I would love to see a beach themed update :)


Sure, a beach tileset is planned <3


Thank you for making these assets - I'm currently working on a randomly generated open-world adventure game using them.  It's still in the prototype phase, but you can check it out here:

Looking forward to the updates!

Wow that's so interesting! Be sure to post here any  newer video so I can check them! <3

Progress is slow, but I will definitely keep you updated!


Awesome pack! Would love to see more transport related assets: tram, metro, train station.


Thanks a lot troma! Train Station is coming really soon! <3

Is there any way you can place the tilesets in VX or XP format for which we use engines like Intersect Engine? It is honestly difficult for me to adapt them, it is difficult.

I'm sorry Joak, but currently the only way is to convert them to the VX/XP format using an art software like Aseprite!


Amazing pack, I love it! Any chance to get a building like car shop, or empty garage?

Thanks a lot Sumi! The car shop is a planned theme, I hope I'll be able to squeeze it in before the 400th update! <3


Nice pixel art. I made a game using this asset pack.

I tried the game and I really enjoyed it! The map is HUGE and you used really well my assets! Thanks a lot for making it <3


I am buying this asset pacl and gonna make an epic RPG game out of it 10/10


Hi Limezu, thank you so much for this asset pack, it's awesome!

Just noticed there is a bit of overlap between the second and third traffic light by one pixel on this exact tile. The whole third traffic light can probably be moved to the right. 

Thanks troma, I'm fixing it now! <3


Any possibility of getting a plain white cargo van? Like a 2008 GMC Savana?

Thanks for the suggestion Jump! I'm adding it to the list and I will very likely make it since there's not even one single cargo van in the asset yet!

(1 edit)

I just finished a card game for Career Counseling with alot of your graphics. I'll link you to it when it goes up. I used the RV in place of a 'cargo van'


Great pack! I'm using this (and the other modern packs in my first game.) any chance there is a bicycle somewhere? 


This is something I’m looking for myself. Found more people wishing for it in the discord and couldn’t find online.

Bicycles are coming guys, thanks for your patience! <3
There are still a lot of key objects missing rn, I'm gonna make sure to draw them all!

Thank you!


Wow, excellent pack. I'll use all the packs in my project. Whenever there are updates, I'll post them here.

Great, looking forward to it muri! <3

Halloween assets when?


Oh don't worry they're coming (Check the Discord)


Amazing. I love how the updates are so frequently. Truly an artist here

Thanks a lot Lucas! <3 
Full-time artist here, not joking ;)

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