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Any possibility of getting a plain white cargo van? Like a 2008 GMC Savana?

Thanks for the suggestion Jump! I'm adding it to the list and I will very likely make it since there's not even one single cargo van in the asset yet!

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I just finished a card game for Career Counseling with alot of your graphics. I'll link you to it when it goes up. I used the RV in place of a 'cargo van'


Great pack! I'm using this (and the other modern packs in my first game.) any chance there is a bicycle somewhere? 


This is something I’m looking for myself. Found more people wishing for it in the discord and couldn’t find online.

Bicycles are coming guys, thanks for your patience! <3
There are still a lot of key objects missing rn, I'm gonna make sure to draw them all!

Thank you!


Wow, excellent pack. I'll use all the packs in my project. Whenever there are updates, I'll post them here.

Great, looking forward to it muri! <3

Halloween assets when?


Oh don't worry they're coming (Check the Discord)


Amazing. I love how the updates are so frequently. Truly an artist here

Thanks a lot Lucas! <3 
Full-time artist here, not joking ;)


Hi there!  I really love your stuff, haven't had a chance to use it yet but I had a question, I want to use slightly larger/more detailed sprites, do you think that will work poorly with the tilesets?  I think your sprites are around 23 pixels tall and I'm looking to use some that are about 30-36 pixels tall.  Seems as though the doors and things wouldn't look right at that point. 

Is there a workaround or should I use slightly smaller sprites?  Or is the scaling in RMMV going to nullify the difference? (I am very new to rpg maker and I know I'll have to scale up my sprites, so maybe this won't be an issue?)  

Sorry for the book, thanks for any response!

Hi ajthew! I don't think you will have troubles using your characters since with the rpgm you are forced to use 48x48 based stuff! Anyaways, let me know if I can help you <3

Hi LimeZu, please can you add a Zombie character?

I know there is the green one in Modern Interiors > Single Characters Legacy, but the color looks out of place, and it's missing animations.

Please can you create a grey-ish, Zombie-looking Zombie, including a Walking animation with the arms stretched out in front of the body?

LimeZu's not longer working on Modern Interiors, however a new Modern Characters (Or something along that name) is planned in which this cool be added.

Zombies are planned for the current theme! <3


Hi LimeZu, amazing work so far! Can you please let me know if you plan to include more residential exteriors? There's lots of good residential stuff in the Interiors set, but I'm having trouble picking out enough basic houses from this so far. Thank you :D

Thanks a lot jmauer! <3
I plan to make a theme for them soon, something like "additional generic building/houses"!


You can learn about all gif animations of this asset package in the browser


So if I use these Assets in a project that involves multiple people. Am I allowed to share them with my team members?

Hi Dnold! Unless it's a looot of people, I see no hard in doing that!


thanks for the reply! That’s nice we are just 3 devs :D


Would it be possible to get water border tiles that match the grass in the City Stuff spritesheet? I love the texture and color of the grass in the city sheet but it doesnt match any of the sprites in the terrains and fences sheet

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This is really nice my guy, how about some sci fi / flying saucers and abductions ala X-COM or Tank Police/City Mechs. (new tileset of course)


Oh damn that would be an awesome and fun asset to draw, I'm writing this down

Hey LimZu ! 

I was wondering how frequently do you sync the RPGMaker tilesets on the latest version you publish ? Just curious if it's better for me to wait or work things out on my end if I want to play around with your new assets.

Nice work by the way ! 

Thanks again

Oh I see that in the "non-rpgmaker" zip, everything is already there sorted by 48x48. Should be quite simple to put together ! 


I make it from time to time, the next sync will be very very soon!

Alright cool ! In the meantime I've started doing some gimp to use them :)


I adore your work! It's seriously exceptional.

Have you considered making any Dockside assets in this pack or is it on the cards?

Regardless, this pack is awesome, thank you for making it!


Thanks a lot Cobble! <33
Yes, the dock theme is planned and it will be 90% included in this asset!

Yessssss! Hype!

Am I crazy? I went to go use the assets and redownloaded((I also accidentally bought this asset more than once but that's okay LOL))

but it says all the folders are empty except the 16x16?
the 32x32 is all empty? a bunch of folders that are empty--I am confused. xD

(+1) this still happening?!

I REDOWNLOADED IT I THINK IT'S GOOD xD sorry about that, also I love your work it's amazing tbh, I'll probably use it in a future thing =w= it's so perfect for like, life sim stuff too.

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You're insane for making this and the Modern interiors set and continuing to update them free of charge. Absolute madman.

If I may make a suggestion, for something I actually haven't seen in many packs. 16x32 dead trees.


Thanks a lot Torch! <3
Great suggestion, atm there's only one dead tree (in the "Camping" theme), but I'm gonna make more for sure in the upcoming "Graveyard" theme!

Awesome! I'm looking forward to it!


hello might I ask can I use this assets on rpg maker MV?

Hi kaz, yes it's possible! Let me know if you need help with it

sorry for the very delay reply but how? or do u have any tutorials in it. thank u so much

Could you please put the above effect drawings TileMap made by yourself into the resource? I can't spell such a good effect by myself.


Hi LimeZu, I follow your every update and your work is amazing! I need a concert area/stage. I think it would also be nice to have one for the outdoor activities in the game. :) It could be a historical place or a modern one. I believe that you can manage a good one as always :D


Thanks a lot alpi! A concert stage is planned, I can't tell when but I'll surely make it before the 400th update (the finish line)

You are the best!! I am looking forward to it :)

Hi LimeZu. Thank you so much for creating this tileset. The artwork looks amazing and so many assets. Thank you a lot. But I am fairly new to this tileset and I am having trouble using the tilesets in RPGMaker MZ. Could you help me out on how to place the tilesets in the right order in the database?

"Floors_MV_TILESET_A2_2" & "Floors_MV_TILESET_A2" works just fine, but the rest isn't. I seem to be doing something wrong. :)

Hi LimeZu, I may have figured it out, I was placing the other tilesets still in autotiles. So I only have A2 populated for auto tiles. But what about A1, A3, A4 and A5?

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I need help, I'm not understanding how to place roads in Unity, can't find the roads actually


The theme "City_Terrains" contains the roads!

Here's the file route:


Hi, I bought your bundle but it seems that I can't customize the character swimming animation inside. Can you teach me how to customize swimming animations for other characters? Thank you

Hi shumta! Are you the one who asked the same on our discord server? I think so

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Yeah, thank god bro is still up here to reply my comments 😂

And please, support LimeZu via Patreon. It's well deserved!!!

Thanks a lot for the shoutout aleshq <33


Love your work. If I end up using this for a commercial card game or board game, is that okay? I would definitely want to credit you for the art. Just wasn't sure if these assets could only be used for video games. 

As per the license shown on this page and in the Read Me file you can use Modern Exteriors for commercial purposes as long as proper credit is given


Ok, I'm going to run with that unless I hear differently. Thanks LS2

Sure, what LS2 said is correct! You are allowed to use the asset in commercial games!


Thanks LimeZu!

You are welcome! <3


Amazing work I love all of this and huge inspiration for my work! Take care


Thanks a lot Peter! Keep up the flame!


It's hard to believe that there are so many types and excellent tiles at such a cheap price and with rapid updates. Salute to you! Take care of your body!

Thanks kksumu, I'll try to stay as healthy as possible! I have a different view than the other creators here, my only goal is to make something memorable without drawing money here and there!


Your idea is really unique and great! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Thanks for the wishes! <3


Hi LimeZu, another idea for your asset could be dining places, cafes, and nice restaurants! Different cuisine variations would be great :)

Hi alpi! Dining places are on the list, and the only thing stopping me from making them is the fact that they would miss a matching interior! The plan is to make them in a separate asset with both the exterior and the interior stuff!


Hi, I love your art, will there be a church in the future ?

Hi arrosev! Church will be surely added in future updates!


Really awesome assets at such a cheap price!
I was wondering, are you planning to add a beach someday?


Thanks Kiki! Beach will be surely added in future <3


Thank you for making this! I love your style!


Thanks for supporting Dango! <3


only $2 but it's the best pack with me OMG!!!

Wow this looks great! any link where I can follow the development??


Heyy, AWESOME pack!

I'm wondering how can I use it in godot, or if you've some tutorial or something

Hi Poiio, any top-down Godot tutorial should be ok to import my assets!


I really love your content! Are you planning on adding versions of the new content that are formatted for RPG Maker?


Hey Beck, I update the rpgm files like once a month to save time, but they won't lack anything at the end!

gotcha, thanks for letting me know!


Hey man, what a great job, I'm delighted with your work. Any chance to add metro and railway trains?


and some bridges? :)


The subway is one of the next themes! Bridges will be added too for sure soon or later!

Your work is amazing!

But im relatively newbie in RPG maker MZ and im not sure how i can import the tilesets without getting the cells dispaired and crippled. Any tips? thanks for your time.

Hi south, there's a specific .zip for RPG Maker users where all the tilesets are ready to be used in the software!


Do you have any diagonal streets/roads?

Continue the amazing job.


Not yet abaiao, let me write that down so I don't forget


I had a question, I was wondering if there is any plan to offer characters with alternate movement methods? Such as wheelchairs, skateboards, rollerblades, etc.


A revamp of the Character system is in the pipeline and ye Wheelchairs are in the plan! The problem with something like skateboards is that I have to apply the change on each single piece (hairstyle, outfit etc.) so it's suuuuper time-consuming, but I'll take that into account!


I have a question about providing credit. Steam does not allow any websites that lead to paid items in the game, so I cannot link your actual itch io page. Instead, I can provide credit with the asset name and your name. Will this suffice?


It's ok, just googling the asset names will lead to my stuff, so don't worry!

Awesome, thank you so much for clarifying! 


Hi!!!! These are the assets of my dreams... are you planning on adding a school? I might just edit the hospital into one lol. Absolutely adorable work!


There's a school added already! :)

What Chain said is correct, but let me know if you were looking for more specific stuff!

I see! I was looking for a less western style school, as the game I'm making is set in Japan. The hospital is pretty close to what I'm looking for though, so! ^^


Hi, thanks for the hard work. I love this assets. You have any plans to make a metro and railway trains?


The subway is one of the next themes! <3

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