30th update: Neighborhood 30/?

update v5.7

'Neighborhood' update series focuses on buildings, shops and everything concerning the pedestrians city life 

- Added a spring swing (2 colors) and a 8 frames loopable swing animation 
- Added new swing (2 colors) and a 8 frames loopable swing animation

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Exteriors_v5.7.zip 12 MB
Apr 26, 2022

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I just bought your 3 "modern" asset packs. Great work, great value, so great thanks from me, keep it up, I hope you are have as much fun making these as we are using them !

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Thanks Hearth! <3 
I'm always having fun while drawing and it's heartwarming to know that you all appreciate my sprites so much!


This is Joe, your reporter on the go.

Scientists are on strike due to the arrest of their fellow scientist known to the public as the evacuating scientist.

Cuteness overload spots don't seem to be going anywhere Jim.

Cute people are saying that all's fine and there's nothing to worry about.

The mayor of the City of Algemia going on a year-long cruze, calls it a "strategic high impact networking event".

Toilet paper returns hits an all time high on the City of Algemia.

This was Joe, your reporter on the go, back to you Jim! 


I almost missed this piece of art!!!
I wish I was producing that toilet paper ahahahah


Oh these move so smoothly no idea how you do it!!

ahaha thanks Last, I have my artist secrets as many out there eheh


Animated objects always add so much life to a scene. Thanks for another awesome update! Keep up the great work - just don't forget to take care of yourself. :)

Thanks Mara! I never forget to take of my health now, even if sometimes I need to force myself not to draw and it's hard, but I need to get 100% well asap! <3