89th update: Metropolis 8/?

update v11.3

The "Metropolis" update serie will include tons of new buildings and elements for your city,  with the goal to supply a complete and realistic city tileset    

  No new zip today cause this is still a wip!

- Designed and started to draw the second metropolis building! This one will have an "Hotel" sign installed on the roof, in case you wanna use it that way ;)
- The building is still missing many textures and some details!

In case any of you wanna see the sketch too... 

See you and happy game-making! :)

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So good <3


Thanks Ghost! <3


Love it

Thanks alamops! <3


Yes, very nice indeed!

Thanks Dima <3


That artwork looks so fancy, i really love how you're working on that~ Uw


Thanks Kamus <33


Yes! The kind of hotel with a red carpet and a Ferrari waiting to be parked by a valet ^^

Ahahah indeed it really looks like a fancy hotel

HAH, Soon I'll be able to rob a bank... very soon... very very soon...


That's actually a great idea! I'm adding a Bank sign too for this building!


A great start!

Thanks antikx! <3