93th update: Metropolis 12/?

update v11.7

The "Metropolis" update serie will include tons of new buildings and elements for your city,  with the goal to supply a complete and realistic city tileset  

  No new zip today cause this is still a wip! 

- Designed some blueprints for the first "Floor-Modular building", an easy way to have tons of new buildings just switching some big pieces. More floor-modular-buildings will follow after this one, featuring less-classic shapes! 

How do they work?
-- the ground floor features shops and various classic entrances
-- The floors above are stackable, they feature windows and balconies
-- The roof floor features various roof styles and elements to place on it

See you and happy game-making! :)

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This is brilliant! Never feel bad sharing these work in progress updates its so fascinating to see!

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@limezu hi, i just wanted to ask what kind of color palette do you use, thx for the amazing work!


Hi just, I've added a palette file with today's update! It has been made by me during the 2 years of creating assets!


Yes! Very exciting news!


Indeed, I'm excited as well! <3


Excellent 🥰 


Thanks Cryptic <3


wooooooow brilliant! 


Thanks alamops <3

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This is what I needed the most. I didn't want to ask haha

Now with RNG I can generate different building everytime someone plays. Gives variety :)

The ATM is also something I have waited for more of <3


I'm happy that my fellow game devs appreciate this! Hope it will turn out great!


This looks like illustrations on a very old book


Ahahaha you are right

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Oh great, it avoids having same buildings everywhere :-)

btw, I've just spotted an issue with 48x48 textures. The name is "Modern_Exteriors_Complete_Tileset_48x48.png" but it's actually a 16x16 tileset.
Older ZIPs were OK. I don't know when the issue has been introduced. I was still using an old tileset up to now.


oh damn! Thanks for noticing, I’m gonna fix it as soon as I get home!


no worries, it can wait for the next update