96th update: Metropolis 15/?

update v11.9

The "Metropolis" update serie will include tons of new buildings and elements for your city,  with the goal to supply a complete and realistic city tileset  

- Completed the last 1 ground floor and the last 3 intermediate floors
- Next will be a shop ground floor with many variations!

How do they work?
-- The ground floor features shops and various classic entrances
-- The floors above are stackable, they feature windows and balconies
-- The roof  features various roof styles and elements to place on it

the palette is generic and recolors of each floor will be added in the end 

See you and happy game-making! :)


Sep 26, 2022

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Since you're working on a ground-level store - would it be possible to get a little steel gate that shuts down (to show it's closed for the night) or adapting your warehouse garage door/shutters for that purpose? Love everything so far! The window designs here are great, and the ATM is super useful!

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This is a great idea! I'm adding a shutter for all the stores tomorrow! <3



Thanks kpop! <3