100th update: Metropolis 19/?


 This pack has been my toughest challenge so far, but also my greatest pride because during these 100 updates I learnt to draw and design things that I was scared of before. The support and enthusiasm keeps growing and I see you all appreciate my work, and this is a lot of joy for me.
Thank you

update v12.3

The "Metropolis" update serie will include tons of new buildings and elements for your city,  with the goal to supply a complete and realistic city tileset  

-Added a Bakery ground floor (2 variations) you can use with the bakery tileset inside the "Grocery Store" theme of Modern Interiors!

How do they work?
-- The ground floor features shops and various classic entrances
-- The floors above are stackable, they feature windows and balconies
-- The roof  features various roof styles and elements to place on it

the palette is generic and recolors of each floor will be added in the end 

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Exteriors_v12.3.zip 36 MB
Oct 04, 2022

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Oh I can't believe I missed the 100th! Shame on me


Congratulations! Well done, it has been amazing to watch you turn all these out.  you going to take a little celebratory break? you deserve it =D


Recolor to pastel colors would be a nice addition. Keep up the good work! Congrats 100th update!

Thanks for the prompt kpop, recolors will be added for sure at the end of it! <3


Congratulations!  These assets are first rate!

Thanks cjhall, I'm doing my best! <3


Congratulations on 100!! This all looks amazing!! 

Do you think you could separate the signs that go higher than the bottom floor’s limit on a different transparent layer? For tile-based mapping like RPG Maker they will be hard to use otherwise (you can check with a 16x16 pixel grid on your sprites! Each tile has got to be a multiple of that size and aligned the same or else you have to trick the engine in some kinda way… it also would have to be on the B and on sheets for layering)

Thanks for the suggestion Cryptic! I've added a separate sprite of each shop sign and each shop (without the sign) <3


The shops are looking amazing! And congrats :)

Thanks Working! <3


Oh i love that bakery sign!!! Also congrats on 100 updates!

Thanks Last <33

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It looks really nice. Will you make a mechanic, butcher, clothing shop,night club and similar signage?

Thanks cartman! The butcher shop will be designed for sure since it's also a modern interiors theme! I'm adding the others to the list ;)