125th update: Metropolis 44/?

update v14.8

The "Metropolis" update series will include tons of new buildings and elements for your city,  with the goal to supply a complete and realistic city tileset  

more food carts in the next updates

- Added a Pizza sort of vehicle and the pizza sprite on the wooden table
- Added all the trucks' tops without the signs or stuff on them

See you and happy game-making! :)


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77 days ago

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The Pizza Tuk Tuk is everything haha

Ohh that's its name! We don't have them in Italy xd


Nice! We'd love to see those cars moving too.

It's on the list, but not now cause it would take soo much time and I want to design some more urban building before <3

It's okay, no pressure :)


Oh yes! Pizza and Ice cream! thank you :)


You are welcome PineX! <3


Ah, pizza of course!

How could I forget about it?!


Hey LimeZu, I was busy with exams so I didn't really see your reply which was 12 days ago until now. I'd asked for a gun store and you said you'd forgotten about it and would make it in the next update. I just checked out the updates but couldn't find it :( I don't have a reference building unfortunately. 


hey no worries Penguin! I was waiting for you to reply to have a reference! Ok, I’m gonna draw a gun shop ground floor for the floor-modular buildings (like the bait shop or the bakery)


Oh i always love the little pizza trucks!!

ahahah me too <3