149th update: Discord Suggestions 1 - 1/?

update v17.2

"Discord Suggestions" is a short serie that will feature random prompts from
the #suggestions channel on our Discord Server.

The aim of this serie is to chop down the long suggestion list, without
having to wait a specific theme.

Each batch will last 5-10 updates and is planned on a bi-monthly basis (~)


- Added a Wind Turbine
- Added a 8 frames loopable animation for the Wind Turbine
- Updated the themes and single files with the new stuff

See you and happy game-making! :)


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Version 17 10 days ago

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This is crazy levels of coinidence. My main project hit a block and so to get the juices flowing I started a new project about automation and was lacking power structures. You than released this haha <3

Thanks Lime


Ohh damn such an unexpected good timing ahahaha Let me know if you would like certain sprites regarding the automation/power theme!

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I would not dare to hijack this process for my gain :) You really are the best for even mentioning the offer though Lime <3

I will just perhaps be suprised by future releases into the pack. I am still over the moon with the UI pack tbf haha.

My list of dreams is simple - 

- Walking with gun animation

- Some back and side view modular building peices

- Some modular houses

- More amazing content as your ideas are 500x better than mine will ever be haha

- You resting that precious wrist of yours enough to reign long as the best pixel artist I know

most of that I know is in the pipeline. If we are very specific a tileset of walls that is one 48 block tile in width and height but flexible for auto tiling methods, would save my life. This is something I am yet to edit so I only mention them as this is not the theme you agreed x

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Sorry for the wait Ghost, I forgot to reply to your list, but I read it the same day you posted it! All the ideas from the community are equally valid to mine <3

- Walking with gun animation:

 Gonna cover this with the Char Gen revamp!

- Some back and side view modular building peices: 

Totally needed, great idea

- Some modular houses: 

Gonna work on them, still struggling to figure them out without doing simple rectangular buildings

- You resting that precious wrist of yours enough to reign long as the best pixel artist I know: 

Thanks a lot, now it seems my hand is completely ok, hitting the gym and working standing up really saved me


ooooh very nice turbine!!!! Excited to see more~

Thanks Cryptic! <3



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Yup it was a recent addition having only been created around 3 months ago

Come join us! https://discord.com/invite/2wB3RuAES


It is so awesome that you take suggestions like this. Thanks.

you are welcome Rhonan! I like listening to my community prompts, most of them are great!