158th update: Discord Suggestions 1 - 10/14

update v18.1

"Discord Suggestions" is a short series that will feature random prompts from
the #suggestions channel on our Discord Server.

The aim of this series is to chop down the long suggestion list, without
having to wait a specific theme. 

Each batch will last 5-10 updates and is planned on a bi-monthly basis (~)


- Added the diagonal modular variations to the junkyard fence tileset
- Added a crowbar and a bent fence variation
- Added a fallen car wreckage (3 colors)
- Added piles of trash + some old furnitures and props to place on them
- Updated the theme files with the new stuff

car wreckage drawing process (Discord Server for more)

See you and happy game-making! :)


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Version 26 Feb 09, 2023

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Amazing Lime <3


Thanks Ghost! <3


Don't you hate when NPCs block the exit for no apparent reason?


Totally agree, it just means lazy devs didn't want to make the map behind them


ohh the trash piles look great! You did amazing with that :0 How modular are they?

Thanks Crypitc, it has been quite a challenge to pull them out! Atm they are not modular, but I'll try to make a modular version next! <3


o7 godspeed! You’re doing an amazing job! 

Thanks again Cryptic! <3


wow, this is perfect how can i join the discord server?

The link's in the Modern Exteriors page but I'll post it for you here as well https://discord.com/invite/2wB3RuAESb


once again just incredible work man. I hope you make enough to live off for all this work, you could easily charge more

Thanks Last! <3 Luckily I manage to live off this job, I feel so blessed <3


Woah , the car is awesome!  Could you put in a version without the rust on the top?  It'd be great for showing a car crash.

Thanks Sharm! Great idea, I'm adding a rustless version next!