200th update: Garden 6/? - We are halfway

We are halfway until the end of this massive asset pack!
Thanks to everyone who supported and made suggestions so far

It's still a dream for me to be a full-time artist, let's keep it up!

update v22.2

The "Garden" theme will feature a lot of new vegetation and objects to decorate a magnificent garden, and there couldn't be a lavish garden without a lavish villa...

- Added a giant angel statue (2 colors)

here's the process for those who are curious:

this is an estimate of the final size of Modern Exteriors (400/400 updates):

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Exteriors_v31.8 111 MB
Version 64 May 17, 2023

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We 100% need an evil dimension versionof these statues now

Congratulations on 200 mark! Much love!


Uhh that would super cool!

Thanks dejaime <3


Congrats!!!! as a HUGE fan of the ME series, I'm also hoping it never ends. (just joking haha.)


Ahahahah I feel you, ME could really go on forever since the reference source is almost infinite!


Gorgeous! I can't believe this is only half-way - seriously, people are truly getting a great value for everything you're making. <3


Thanks Oasis, your words mean a lot! <3
Yee I can't believe either, there are still sooo many things to make!


Congrats on the halfway mark. It feels like it’s been forever since this pack started !

Also, that angel is intense

I totally agree feral, the "development" of this asset was stopped a couple of times for to my hand pain and still now I can't draw how much I want due to that condition (it's surely way better than last year, but not totally cured)


I did not mean to say that you have been slow ! Sorry if it sounded that way.

You are producing a lot of absolutely great material and also taking the time to interact with the community and reply to almost any single message. Absolutely no complaint there. You are rocking it ! If anything, please take it easy and make sure the hand gets all the rest it needs.

What I wanted to say is that to me it feels like yesterday that this journey started. Then I looked at the date of first release and it was the end of 2021, and I was really surprised by how long you have been keeping up with the updates. Lots of other projects don’t have the same patience and dedication.

No worries at all feral <33 I knew you meant that, the only pressure I feel are from myself, and from the fact that I could do even more if my hand was 100% ok, but I'm very grateful of the results anyways
Much love to your feedback and frequent suggestions!

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Wooo!!!!! congrats :D

the angel looks amazing too 

Thanks Cryptic! it's 6 full hours of drawing into a single sprite, I had to do something different for this event!!


You are an absolute inspiration in putting so much dedication into your work. Congrats on this achievement!

Thanks a lot Libera <3


Always on the grind, gotta admire that


Grind never stops <3


You have huge number of items!

Indeed ahahah it's years of work!


Congrats Lime on this great achievement! Cheers to many more inspiring and breathtaking updates <3

Thank a lot Aidas <333


Looks incredible! You should make some nice columns :)

uhh nice one, gonna make some! <3