30th update: Hobby stuff 9/11

update v.4.1
this is the first "art" update, more will follow in the next few days

- Added some canvas, an art easel, some seats and a bunch of paint buckets
- Added 6 different paintings (featuring Gengar and the Cheshire Cat), each with a framed version 


* Everyone who already bought the project can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :) 


Modern_Interiors_v4.1.zip 1 MB
Sep 11, 2020

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I'm in love with those deigns! The right canvas looks like Gengar!


Thank you!

It’s actually him, you are right! 


Rlly? Nice! That's my favourite Pokémon and now it is my favourite piece of art in this whole asset!

Ahahah what a coincidence! Those little canvas are perfect for reference like the Gengar laughter