38th update: Bathroom 6/7

update v.4.9

- Added some hanging plants and placeable toilet rolls
- Added a new bathroom cabinet and more variations to the sink furniture

* Everyone who already bought the project can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :)   


Modern_Inreriors_v4.9.zip 2 MB
Sep 19, 2020

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Hi there! Love this bathroom tile set. When I download the modern interiors free version, I don't see any of the bathroom items. How can I get those ones? Thanks ^^

Hi, to have the bathroom stuff and much much more you need to download the complete version paying at least 1.20$ :)

Ohhh okay excellent. I'll do that now. Thank you SO much for the quick reply btw. And such an incredible tileset. Thank you!! :)

You are welcome nneka, thanks for supporting and happy game-developing ;)