40th update: Fishing 1/6

update v.5.1

- Added some fishing rods that can be placed and hanged on the wall
- Added some bait boxes and bait cases
- Added 3 fish-themed paintings

* Everyone who already bought the project can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :)   


Modern_Interiors_v5.1.zip 2 MB
Sep 21, 2020

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Patiently waiting for fishing 2/? :D 


It's about to come! I'm sorting the new stuff right now! ;)


Awesome I cannot wait! Thanks for doing these daily updates and also for the constant communication, I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else also does! :)


You are welcome, no need to thank anymore! You are supporting my work and that's so important to me! :)
Recently I'm receiving a huge positive feedback on this asset, so I can't but be gratefull to all of you!

here is the new update, feel free to suggest me items and objects for tomorrow's, cause I know nothing about fishing!


Hmm.. I'd personally (not sure about anyone else) like to see:

(I'm just listing things I can think of, I won't take any offence if you don't do any!)

  • Open bait tubs with different contents inside? (Like worms, sweetcorn, pellets, maggots etc)
  • A small table which you would have at the side of you whilst fishing with maybe different contents on? (Such as scissors, a spool / reel of line etc)
  • A rod bag / holder (like a dark greenish colour)
  • Bags of bait (such as bags of pellets, groundbait etc (for like a store or something?))
  • Trophy fish? (Like you would a deer head or something on a wall)
  • A fish cutting / slicing / filleting table
  • A fishing bag? Like something similar to the bait boxes, but with more of a dark greenish colour and a sports bag type look?
  • An fishing umbrella of sorts
  • Maybe like a unit / shelf on a wall with different floats / bobbers and whatnot in 
  • One which would be awesome to see would be like a fishing wheelbarrow or trolley (I can supply pictures / references if needed to help if you choose to do it)

As I said, I was just brainstorming these ideas and I won't take any offence if you don't decide to do some or any!


Many of your ideas are definitely doable! That’s great cause it’ll give a realistic flavor to the whole thing! Magnific! 

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you should add a big cooler for fish and bait and some fish assets


Thank you for the ideas, gonna develop them :)




They are awesome! Thank you so much for adding these, I can't wait to add them to my game! Also - do you want me to credit you as LimeZu or something else?

Thanks again


You are welcome :)

Credit me with the itch profile link or just "LimeZu", your choice!