52th update: Kids bedroom 7/7

update v.6.3

- Added a robot on a stand (2 colors) and 3 anime girl action figures
- Added a new wardrobe modular tile to make them taller
- Added a new modular furniture (3 colors) 
-Added an hangable goodnight cap

* Everyone who already bought the project can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v6.3.zip 3 MB
Oct 03, 2020

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Hi there 

I live in a third world country called Tunisia we don't even have paypal here and I really need this tileset :') 

what should I do

Hi abderrahmen, what online payment methods do you have? :)


I finally got around to adding in the kid stuff to my game. Thanks again! :)


This looks so good and warm! Anywhere I can follow the development of the game?


Thank you! This project is my baby.  I 've only shared it here and with my family/friends since it's still early in development. I'm considering making a dev blog, but I wasn't sure if others would be interested. I'll keep you updated though. :)


I'm interested! A devblog would be really helpful to get honest feedbacks! You are the first showing a very good use of my work so I'm really keen on knowing more about your project!


Dev Blog is up! 



Iv'e read all you've posted so far...wasn't expecting such a huge project, damn!