60th update: Halloween 7/?

update v.7.1

- Added some stains to place on walls and floors
- Added an animated cuckoo clock and some ghost costumes
- Added blood stains on coffins and stairs
- Added 4 new modular tables and 4 new mini tables (they are in the Generic theme file) 

* Everyone who already bought the project can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v7.1.zip 3 MB
Oct 11, 2020

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Amazing work! 

Are you able to add builtin support for Unity? I completely understand if you can't do this because Unity doesn't have as much tileset support as RPG maker or game maker. Thanks for considering!

Thank you!
I'll check how that works and try to implement it in the project ;) 
Just give me 1-2 days of time, then I'm gonna comment here the result so you get a notif! 

Okay, cool! Thanks!

Hi okr, I've searched for some info around improving the compatibility with Unity, but I found nothing. In case you have any suggestion, I'll be happy to follow them cause I want to improve my assets if I can!

Thanks for getting back to me! Heres how I think you could improve compatibility: When you slice a tilemap using Unity (turn it into individual tiles), it changes the meta file of the tilemap png. This meta file holds all of the details for the slice and the asset, and can be found in a file explorer (Unity hides these files). Tilemaps must be sliced in order to easily add them to a tile pallet. If you were to slice the tilemaps in Unity, then copy the meta file into a separate folder in the modern interiors folder (with the same structure, just meta files instead of pngs), then it would be easy to just copy the contents of the Unity folder into the enclosing folder and merge all folders together.

An issue of this would be that Unity meta files are many times larger than the tilemaps themselves. Maybe you could include the Unity meta files as a separate download, so users who don't use Unity wouldn't unnecessarily use up disk space.

Sorry if my suggestions are hard to follow, I'm not the best at explaining things. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck if you try to implement this!

Thank you so much for the suggestions!

So what I should do is:

1) import and slice all the stuff in Unity to generate the .meta files

2) grab the .meta files and store them in a separate .zip folder 


I’m gonna find some time to try it in the next days! Thanks again :)