64th update: Halloween 11/?

update v.7.5

- Added an open spellbook, with a 36 frame animation version (perfect loop of 6 different pages)
- Added a chalk alchemical circle and some placeable chalk pieces
- Added an animated red candle for rituals

* Everyone who already bought the project can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v7.5.zip 4 MB
Oct 15, 2020

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THANKYOU! The witch stuff is really helpful for my game. :)

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Oh that’s wonderful! If you have any witchery/Halloween related request, this is  the right moment!


Yay! These might be odd requests, but I'd love a blood altar, voodoo doll, and more  alchemical circles.


More alchemical circles gonna be added tomorrow for sure, the dolls are a totally doable request (1-2 day max and they are out) and I'm gonna check  the altar too (can't guarantee here)! :)