77th update: Halloween 22/25

update v.8.8

- Added a modular floor hole and an hanging floor tile
- Added an animated modular flipping floor spikes trap
- Added an animated modular ascending floor (divided in right, middle and left tiles)
- Added a decorative bloody brain and a zombie brain  



* Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v8.8.zip 5 MB
Oct 28, 2020

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Zombies please! XD


Ahhh I’m gonna try to add them in these last 3 days of Halloween, but I can’t guarantee I’m sorry!


Thank you for cute zombies! I already bought your pack :D


You are welcome and thanks for supporting! :)


Floor traps look great I really like the spike pit. Nice work as always.


Thank you! I’m gonna add a generic floor version in the next days ;)