95th update: Kitchen 13/16 + Kitchen requests

update v.10.6
1/2 more kitchen updates left! So, if you have any related request, drop it now in the comment section! ;)

-  Added a microwave (plugged/unplugged and with an opening animation)
-  Added a dishwasher and a new hanging wall unit

* Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free!

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v10.6.zip 7 MB
Nov 15, 2020

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I have some suggestions, not necessarily requests, but hopefully you can consider them!

It would be nice to have items such as a cutting board (with fruits, meat...), frying pans and a rice cooker. A clothes hanger with an apron and chef hat, a glass cupboard where you can see dishes and bowls inside would be great too!

I don't know if you plan to make any more character sprites, but I would love characters with more diverse clothes (wearing hats, apron, pajamas, uniform...etc).

Thank you for the hard work!


Hi Nory, thanks for your ideas! Gonna pick some and try to render them ;)

Yes, I'm gonna add characters with different clothes for sure, but for now I'm trying to give a wide range of "normal" characters. Btw, I'm prolly gonna do some updates in which I only add characters to speed up the process


Can't wait for more character sprites from you ^^ They all look adorable!


Thank you Nory, really appreciated! :)


I've just added some of your ideas! Hope they look neat! here

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow they look really nice! The cutting board and the chef are exactly what I want xD

Thank you for your work!

Edit: It seems the file is still for version 10.6 - without the updates? Or is it just an error on my side ;-;


Very Nice addition 👍 I like the microwave, he's cute 😄

I think to add some crafting in my game, do you planned in the futur to make a work bench with some tools (like hammer, screwdriver, etc.) ? 

Thank you! It wasn't planned, but I can add some work benches, no problem! ;)


It's not urgent, but when you have the time to do it that would be great !

Thanks you !

Ok, you are welcome! ;)