133th update: Christmas 8/10

update v14.4

- Christmas magic for everyone -

 Added an animated Jack-in-the-box toy and the Santa gift bag (full and empty)
- Added a wooden and glass table (3 colors)
- Added the RPG_MAKER_MV files for the new sit animaton

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v14.4.zip 11 MB
Dec 23, 2020

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Hi! I love your stuff so much, it's very unique and cute! <3  I'd like to request a snowman and maybe some xmas themed food, if possible! And also, I wanted to ask if you've any plans to add outdoor stuff to this pack or maybe make an outdoor pack? Thank you for your attention!

Hi Himmeh, thanks for your comment!
Christmas food is coming, and I'm working on a modern city/exterior asset that will be released soon ;)


Thank you for adding these! I have a request but if you can't then it's okay. Would you be willing to make character sprites that are inspired by Among Us crewmates in this style that are different enough so that they can be considered not infringing on copyright? Because I have some interesting ideas.

Hi Professor, I'm sorry but I can't do them cause they don't fit the asset theme at all!

Oh ok, would you possibly make a horror pack in the future then? I'd pay money for one.

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Yep, an horror pack will be surely released in future ;)