Tutorial - How to Walls

Here's a tutorial image to make every possible trick with the wall/floor tilesets of the actual asset version (v15.4)!
Each tile matches a different color and symbol, grab this image with you if you need!


Modern_Interiors_v15.4.zip 14 MB
Jan 03, 2021

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Thanks for this tutorial! In your examples, I've noticed that your walls vary between 2 or 3 tiles in height. Do you have a strategy for when you use 2 tiles versus 3 tiles? I know that it can depend which objects are up against that wall (like a bookcase), but I'm curious if there are other considerations.


Hi kevin! There are a couple reasons for using 3-4 tiles walls such as having more space to decorate and to use big objects (as you mentioned), but also to give a certain feel to the room cause the taller the walls are the less it's a home, if it makes sense! :)


My reaction when i see the symbols ... 

But nice idea, it's a time saver :)


Ahahahaha that was a funny one