152th update: New characters!

update v16.3

Added 2 new characters named Ash and Karen with every current animation (check the .gif below)

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v16.3.zip 15 MB
Jan 12, 2021

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Hi LimeZu, thanks for these and the modern interiors pack as a whole! I'm a little confused on the character sizes because they're labeled as 16x16 but are actually 16x32 when put onto a grid or 16x22 when measured solely by their pixel heights. I was needing 16x16 sprites, so I'm unsure if I've messed up somewhere or maybe just misunderstood?

Hi Proper Void,

you are right, the "16x16" on the characters file means they have to be used in a 16x16 environment, but they actually are 16x16*2 etc! If this leads to an issue, I'll try to help you :)

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Ah, I see! That wording is a bit misleading (not intentionally, I'm sure), though I probably missed the 16x16*2 description somewhere. I've tried my hand at remaking them as pure 16x16 sprites, but unfortunately they keep coming out squashed if I try to preserve their original looks. I'll keep at it!


Indeed they can't be squared, I thought it was visible to the eye! I'm gonna add a .txt so anyone won't encounter your issue in the future, thank you! 

That's alright! The rest of the pack fits what I need really well, so it's not the biggest deal. My eyeballing of pixels is awful, so I appreciate the .txt. Thanks for the help!

You are welcome! :)


Not the Karen expected (but she's so cute !) :D

Ahahahaha indeed it's not the "usual Karen"


Also do any of your tilesets happen to have a campfire? Because I'm trying to recreate the times when my friend, Ash had bonfires.


Not at the moment prof, I'm gonna try to add one in the next few days ;)


Thank you! :D

Hi prof, I've added a simple campfire to Serene Village, hope it goes well with your project! here


It's perfect! Thank you so much! You are a great person and I hope you know that! :D


You are welcome prof ;)
Thanks for your kind words!


They're all so lovely!! 

This isn't a request per say, but if you're looking for ideas for the next theme then I had some that would be versatile for a wide-range of game genres. Examples: Church, Hospital, Police Station, Casino, Clothing Store/Mall, or Museum. I'm looking forward to seeing your next theme. Thank you for all your hard work!


Hi Amethyst!
Thank you for the great ideas!
The Church will be released as a separate asset (like the office), I'll start working on it soon for a private commission, and the client was ok with me publishing it here!
The Clothing store will likely be the next theme after all the subtheme of the Grocery store/ Supermarket! ;)


The guy character on this update named Ash is based on my best friend who passed away in 2018. LimeZu is truly an amazing, thoughtful person <3


You are the best! :D


ahahah thank you prof ;)