154th update: Grocery Store 16/? - Butcher's Shop 2/6

update v16.5

A theme many of you have asked for -

The Butcher's Shop is the second subtheme! -

Added a bunch of different cold cuts to display in the expositor with some tile variations
- Added a modular butcher workbench with a white marble top (the pattern is very light atm, gonna modify it tomorrow) and some modular drawers
- Added a butcher's scale (empty and with some meat on it) and a front-view cash receiver

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v16.5.zip 15 MB
Jan 14, 2021

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This will probably sound strange but could you maybe add a cooling chamber with meat hooks with and without meat? I think that would be a cool addition for a horror or detective game. Or you could learn how to box the Rocky Balboa way :p


Hi Mara! I was thinking of a cooling chamber too, definitely gonna try to do it! ;)


I got so excited I didn't even thanked you for the update. I just love pixel horror games. So, as always, thanks a bunch for all the work you put into this pack!

Don't worry Mara, I appreciate your kindness!


Pizza please! tell me if you already have it


Hey PiNex, there’s a flat pizza in the bakery tileset and a pizza on a plate in the Kitchen tileset :)