168th update: Grocery Store 23/? - Fish Shop 3/5

update v17.9

A theme many of you have asked for -

The Fish Shop is the third subtheme! -

- Added 2 more fish types to display 
Added some a modular wall iron plate and a blue button
- Added an hanging knive set and an hanging kitchen paper roll
- Added a fishmonger cutting table with a sink and a tap
- Added a turning on/off  tap animation with a 4 frames loopable water stream

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v17.9.zip 17 MB
Jan 28, 2021

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perfeito <3

Thank you Bruno!


Are you planning on having any live fish tanks in the fish store? For example, a lobster tank could be a fun addition for anyone doing a seafood restaurant.

As always, your new sprites look great! Love the blue colors of the tools - really fits the marine theme.


Hi Oasis! I'm not sure to add stuff like lobster tanks cause they are pretty complex to be rendered in such a small space like mine, I'm gonna give it a try :)


Hi again! I want to request some pets in our house XD


I'd like some pets too!  I'd really like a Pomeranian dog.  Sorry I thought I would sneak my request in as well lol 


Hi guys! Pets are something I'll surely do as a future addition, I need to make some test before cause I want to keep the quality level steady regardless the theme! :)