197th update: Jail 11/?

update v20.8

A new theme full of options has started! -

- Added a recolor of the modular short desk and 3 hanging monitors
- Added 3 desk monitors (2 colors) and a switched on version for each (the frontal ones have one more variation)
- Added 2 desk monitors with the keyboard & mouse
- Added a "facebook scrolling" loopable animation to the frontal grey monitor
- Added a server (on and off ) and a little animation for the switchen on one

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v20.8.zip 20 MB
Feb 27, 2021

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Really great work, got two of your interiors packs (including this one) the other day. Enjoying them and look forward to using them in a game. Is it possible to perhaps do some trading desks? Like financial trading screens (similar to the new control room) to make either a small office or a large trading floor? :)  Also just to confirm re: license etc. Is it allowed to edit the image (change a picture on the screen or a colour or add something etc?) Thanks Limezu.


hi joltedreality! Thanks for your comment! I'm planning to update Modern Office with more stuff, I'm adding the trading things to the list ;)
Yes, you are allowed to edit the sprites!

(1 edit)

Fantastic! Sorry I just noticed it was the Modern Int. and not the Modern Office, I own both so please feel free to select the right pack for the trading desks/screens etc. that you think they belong. :) Keep up the great work! Also looking forward to the Modern externals/city when it becomes available.