199th update: Floor connectors 1/2 + Room_Builder improvement

update v21.0

- Improvements and quality-of-life tweaks -
- Fear no more the harsh floor change -

- Designed and added some little modular stairs (3 types at the moment, 4-directional) and some handrails that can be used as floor connectors to soften the floor pattern change between rooms -> "Room_Builder"
- Added 3 different floor shadows sets that allow to improve the layers managment and show the effective wall height (they are optional, I'll always supply a shadow version for each floor pattern) -> "Room_Builder"
- Added some writings to the "Room_Builder" to ease the learning and the general understanding

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v21_0.zip 21 MB
Mar 01, 2021

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I really cannot praise this whole interiors    set enough. The set is so big that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to work with. Even though files are sorted properly by theme  it still sometimes gets pretty confusing. On the main page I could not see any examples on how to use floor connections. But of course lime_zu did not skip it.   Just find the update where  it was added. Even the work alone on putting the effort to explain the changes in every update is huge and amazing. Thanks again for the update notes as well.

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Awesome stuff LimeZu! Thank you for listening, helping us in the comments and even being so thoughtful like putting links in the reply comments <3


You are welcome Aidas, I'll always listen to the advices of those who trust me :)