207th update: Jail 19/19 + new characters

update v21.8

The jail theme is over, but it might come back in the future cause I don't consider it as completed! -


- Added an open animation to the small cake fridge (both empty and with each cake combination)
- Added an open animation to the big cake fridge (both empty and with cakes, both left and right)
- Added 3 new kid characters named Mitty, Tim and Romeo (idle, idle anim and run anim)

*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v21.8.zip 22 MB
Mar 09, 2021

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Wow , I didn't notice it's the end of the jail. Great job!

I wonder what will come next.

I'll add some wishlist/suggestions to what Aidas5 wrote:

* garage

* gardening tools(extension to grocery store), watering can, etc.

* board games

* sliding doors, sliding door full wall shelves

* pet related objects(cans of food, toys, places to lie down, aquariums, scratch stands)

* balcony system(so we could have look at the outside world from our interior)

* a doctor, we just have nurses

* photography dark room

* basement and/or attic, you can use Home Alone for ideas XD

There might be some things that already exist, there's 10000 or so tiles in your pack XDD

Thanks for your advices Areinu, I'm gonna cover some of them soon for sure ;)


I'm only brainstorming here, there's no hurry for anything ;)

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Great job with the jail theme! I will take this opportunity to let out my thoughts about new possible themes and objects and many more. I hope at least some of my ideas will interest you and this will be beneficial for you and the pack. Good luck with the next theme! :)


Random additions and ideas for existing themes:

  • Medals and prizes (addition for music and sport set);
  • Colorful bathroom mats (addition for bathroom);
  • Small (personal) gym mats (addition for gym);
  • Thinking 3 dots animation (addition for UI);
  • Music note, sun, moon UI (addition for UI);
  • Spills on the floor for janitors (addition for grocery store);
  • Laptops (addition for classroom);
  • Bubble bath animation (addition for bathroom);
  • Standing clothes hanger (addition for general);
  • Cardboard moving boxes in various sizes (maybe for basement);
  • Window blinds (addition for general);
  • Trash cans (addition for grocery store);
  • Metal drawers and doors (addition for jail);
  • Door mats that are smaller than a block (maybe for general);
  • Beds with calmer colors for adult characters (addition for bedroom);
  • Lights on the walls (maybe for general);
  • Lamps with on and off versions (maybe for general);


Objects that are missing some variations:

  • Living room: some couches don’t have some variations;
  • Bathroom: not all toilets have opened and stall variation;
  • Classroom: mini shelves don’t have darker variation;
  • Art: missing one table color variation;
  • Basement: some couches don’t have some variantions;

Possible themes or mini themes:

  • Outside activity items (bicycle, rollerblades, skis, kayak…);
  • Pool and baths;
  • Animals;


PS. Here is my first finished house with this asset :D


These are all great ideas and advices Aidas, thank you so much!
I've added a lot of medals and trophies today, they were indeed missing! here
I'm gonna cover more of your listed stuff in the next few days!

Your first home looks really cool, good job!


Thanks, LimeZu :) It was a very interesting experience making anything with tiles in Unity. 

Can't wait to see more new stuff! You pack really inspired me. Those ideas are the least I could do to give back to you and the community :)


That's awesome to read! Inspiring is the best I can hope for when publishing an asset! Keep going! ;)

Thank you! :)