238th update: Dress-up System 3/?

- update v24.9

- I decided to take a break from the Hospital theme to implement this useful feature - 
- I wasn't expecting such a great interest in this new feature, I'll do my best! -  
-I've decided to stop creating the "heads" files with the head + hair and I've added 3 naked bodies insted (with different skin colors) and I'm starting to cut out each hair design created so far. This way it'll be possible to have more variety in clothes in the future!
- Added 5 hair designs
- Modified all the outfits done so far to fit the new naked body models
- So, now it's possible to customize the skin color and the hairstyle without having them "bounded"


  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


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Apr 09, 2021

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I love this! I'm using your Tileset on my private workadventure server, and I'm looking forward to integrating an avatar creator!

This system is also a great way to easily increase diversity in characters. Just by adding, say, a headscarf, turban and white cane you could already make a bunch of characters from underrepresented groups. A wheelchair would be incredible, but also probably difficult with the way the animations work.

What I really like is that options are not separated by gender. You can make some feminine or masculine characters, but also lots of ambiguous ones. Just a few more skirt/dress outfits and weird hair colors would be nice.

And I know you're not in the "add lots of stuff" phase of this project yet. It just seems like you appreciate ideas, and I'm getting a bit hyped ;)

Hi hirnsalat, thanks for your precious feedback! this system will indeed allow tons of new avatar options in a snap, just by adding a new file! The wheelchair option is really hard to implement but I will try it!


This gets more robust every day :) Once the versions get a bit more stable I'll be ready, I already have my code in unity prepped for this :)

Uh that sounds neat! It will get stable in a couple of days I guess, then it'll be all about adding and adding 


This character systems looks awesome!

I had an idea that you could add ability to change phone colors for the animations. I'm not sure if it is super useful but at least it's an idea :D

Keep it up, Lime!


Sure Aidas, tell me about your idea! Thanks for your costant feedback, I really love reading such comments!