240th update: Dress-up System 5/?

update v25.1

- I decided to take a break from the Hospital theme to implement this useful feature - 
- I wasn't expecting such a great interest in this new feature, I'll do my best!   -  THIS SYSTEM IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND THE FILE NAMES/TYPES MAY VARY IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS -
- Added the "Accerories" folder that will contains hats, glasses ecc.
- Modified the "bodies" files so they can be used as baldheads
- Added a new body file, a glasses accessory file and a bolt accessory file
- Added 8 new hairstyles and 5 new outfits


  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v25.1.zip 26 MB
Apr 11, 2021

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Hi Lime !

I found this generator, who seems really cool. I don't know if the author share the code. But maybe he do,   it can be a good addition to your dress systemπŸ‘

You can share the project if you credit the team. In this page, click on "credit instructions" to go on github ans download the generator's code πŸ‘


(This generator create spritesheet, for people who can't code an ingame generator πŸ˜„)

uhhh so I could implement a little "software" to my dress-up system??


Short answer: yes πŸ˜„πŸ‘ 

Long answer: It will probably be necessary to make adjustments in the code.  Luckily it's CSS, javascript, and HTML, so it's also not hard to find someone who can edit it. πŸ‘

Thanks for the info Nico, I'm gonna check it out!


The guy sitting on that chair must be thinking he has hallucinations of some sorts, more and more people, and they can't decide on their form :D

I was thinking, and it would be nice to have all haircuts in "base palette", for example brown hair(doesn't really matter), you could also provide the same haircuts with different palettes for different hair colors... but by having common palette we could use code to replace the palette in runtime and basically allow our players to choose any haircolor they want. It's considerably much harder to implement when different hair styles have different palettes. Also, we could allow players to go to hairdresser and change their hair style while keeping the color.


Ahahahah you are right

That sounds like a smart advice! I'm gonna choose 4 palettes and use them on each hairstyle! 




Ok I couldn't just choose 4 of them! I went for 7!


I am just think about making a sim-like game, and this system is what I need :3.

Great work!!!!


Thanks Sleepy! Good luck with your project ;)