241th update: Dress-up System 6/?

update v25.2

- I decided to take a break from the Hospital theme to implement this useful feature - 
- I wasn't expecting such a great interest in this new feature, I'll do my best!  
- Each hairstyle will have 7 different color options based on a strict 3 colors palette!
- Added the hairstyle palette file
- Added 7 recolors to the first 10 hairstyles, for a total of 63 new color options!
- I spent a lot of time finding a way to recolor them a bit faster that going manually, tomorrow I'm gonna go for the other 16 hairstyles


  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


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Apr 12, 2021

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About the recoloring process, I was trying to do something similar to my project using your assets, but was not successful due to a few things.

When I think about color customization in characters, it usually consists of a 3 color palette: the base color, the darker and the lighter. I think the correct approach would be using a transparency system.

In this system, the user would select a base color and the white and black/gray would be added by layers with a reduced transparency, but I'm afraid this solution would require you to redo the character sprites.

An alternative approach would be to just replace the color in aseprite to a predefined one, as is explained here. I would also love to have the aseprite files in the bundle.

Much success in your career and sorry about the long comment.


Hi Shido! Thanks for your color advices and don't worry about long comments!

I'm actually using the indexed colors method and it's pretty efficient, allowing me to edit an hairstyle with 7 palettes within 10 minutes! Btw I had a bad time this morning figuring it out cause I was really close to drop the idea since manually is endless ahahah

Genuine question tho: Why would it be useful to provide the .ase files?


In my project I have a pipeline to use a custom binary file that I generate based on other software files (aseprite, tiled, photoshop, etc...). This allows me to have a more dynamic workflow, specially when making constant small changes. 

If I use a png file, my workflow would be:

Aseprite --> Export to png --> Load the data into my project --> Use

The workflow solution above results in two files with the same purpose (if you don't forget to export every time you make a change). Using source files, it is:

Aseprite --> Load the data into my project --> Use

Resulting in only one file and without the mentioned export problem. This may seem very specific for my case, but considering that popular game engines such as Game Maker, Unity and Godot have plugins that allows this kind of usage, I think it's a valid point.

That is not a big problem when working with few files, since I can open the png file in Aseprite and save them again, but when doing it for every hairstyle, in every color it's starts to become a little boring. Not to mention that I presume that you already have and use the .ase files.


Mmmm thanks for the Info Shido! I was not aware of that problem!

I'll try to supply some .ase files along with the pngs! For the hairstyles, their aseprite files have a frame for each color variation, so I can export them into single pngs in a snap. Would it be useful anyways to provide the aseprite files even that way, for your case?

Thanks again for your feedback


Definitely, I would just have to specify the color as a frame, no problem.


Great, I'm adding all those files tomorrow! :)


Update: I just had the time to add the ase files of the today's hairstyles, I'm gonna add the missing ase files tomorrow!