261th update: Bedroom Revamp 5/?

update v27.2

- Let's revamp and improve the oooold bedroom theme before starting a new one!
- Added a sleep animation to all the Kid bodies files and the kid hairstyles files
- Added 3 fruit hanging clocks and a handful of teddy bear plushies

Click for a better resolution of the plushies

  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v27.2.zip 31 MB
May 02, 2021

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I love seeing your revamps. They not only show your growth as artist, since they just look so much better, but also your growth from technical side. You make new stuff much more modular, usable in many more scenarios, and you outdo yourself with stuff like dozen or more of teddy designs. 

With old bedroom stuff it was quite hard to make unique bedroom, or "bedroom used by old person" and "bedroom used by a kid", this stuff can be customized much more, and I love it.

Could you add pajama costume at some point? For kids it could be something like "frog costume pajama", and for adults something more regular ;)

I agree with your here, the old one was really strict and unproportioned, and it was only for kids! Thanks for your kind words, it's always so good and useful to read your feedback!

The pajama idea is great, thanks! I'm trying some for today's!

edit: pajamas are gonna be added tomorrow, I hadn't enough time today 


thank you again for all the update! Do you still take request? I was looking for some Japanese style furniture and I wonder if you will ever consider making those 👀 

Hi Marziza! Yes sure, you can ask for stuff and I'll list it!
For the japanese forniture, I should be able to add some like beds and drawers in this bedroom revamp at some point ;)