266th update: Bedroom Revamp 10/? + Baseboards

update v27.7

- Let's revamp and improve the oooold bedroom theme before starting a new one!
- I'm gonna design a kid related bedroom and a more adult and modern one at the same time
- Added a slim 1 pixel baseboard (12 colors) to the "Room_Builder"
- Added 1 big baseboard (2 colors) that can run along all the wall types to the "Room_Builder"
- Added a solar system poster and a little variation
- Added a toy train (2 versions)
- Sorted some folders and added a .txt guide of the "Character_Generator"

  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v27.7.zip 31 MB
May 07, 2021

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Baseboards? I didn't even consider them, but now I realize we were missing crucial aspect of room building!


Same! It gives so much character to the rooms. Maybe for the future some kind of wall mounted lamps could be added as well...


Thanks for the feedback guys, indeed the baseboards were needed eheheh
I added some wall lamps today, but I wasn't sure about the design, could you please send some pics on how you would like them? update

I was thinking about any kind of wall mounted lamps from modern to old school ones. Down below I tried finding some different lamps. Maybe they will give you some ideas and inspiration

The reason I suggested lamps in general is because it can make a room look warmer or colder (depends on the shade of white that is emitted from the lams) and even more interactive (if there is ability to turn them off and on)

Loving the update so far! Good luck 😊


Hi Aidas, I created more lamps today with more light options, hope they are fine to you! update


I'd love to see some bunk beds! Could be fun for a summer camp setting too.


You are totally right Oasis, adding some tomorrow!