272th update: Japanese Interiors 2/?

update v28.3

- Some of you asked for this addition and I decided to go for it!
- This is a MINI THEME, it won't last more than 4-5 days. After this we will hop into a big one
- Added another low table with some tea cups and a teapot
- Added some hanging katanas and a katana display furniture (3 colors)
- Added some brown pots (2 sizes), some stacked pots and a white pot (3 versions)
- Added a white round wall decoration and some hanging scrolls (2 versions)

  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v28.3.zip 32 MB
May 13, 2021

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Awesome stuff so far!


Thanks Aidas! ;)


Will you be making some shoji screens? :D Or maybe a sliding door? This looks so cool! :3


uhhh thanks Oasis, I will surely add some of those, Ahhh I don't think 4-5 days will be enough ahahaha


Next maybe Samurai , Ronin , Ninja, Kunoichi XD

Please take care your health


I will take care of it, don't worry! ;)