273th update: Japanese Interiors 3/?

update v28.4

- Some of you asked for this addition and I decided to go for it!
- This is a MINI THEME, it won't last more than 4-5 days. After this we will hop into a big one
- Added a new potted plant (3 sizes) and a japanese-style window
- Added a japanese modular framed wall and a 2-tile animated sliding door 
- Added a kotatsu (6 color variations)

  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v28.4.zip 32 MB
May 14, 2021

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Great! Is there a chance to see a Chinese Theme?

In the future for sure ;)
Got any precise object you would love to see?


Thank you for kotatsu! And multiple ones at that! :) 

One more modern thing that appears in japanese houses is electric heater and AC units. I think AC units might be in some other theme you already did, I would have to look :x

The AC units are in Modern Office (I'm revamping the whole asset at the moment)! I added a couple of electric heaters today ;) here


Thanks :) I have Modern Office, I suspected I saw ACs somewhere!


This is genuinely incredible, I wondered if perhaps a futon would be possible? it's basically just a lower bed we could use as a base to use any of the wonderful blanket designs you've created.

Thank you so much! Futons are coming tomorrow no doubt ;)


oh that would be incredible!!!

Futons ready! here

they are perfect!!!! Great job as always! It always brightens my day seeing your pixel art updates!

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kimono for man and woman would be cool

anyway amazing stuff! greeting from polenta region!

That's a great idea, I'm adding it as final update for this mini-theme!
Greeting from the tortellini city ;)

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Ah, the kotatsu, the most important piece of Japanese furniture, awesome! 

The only other thing I could think to add, although I have no idea how you'd do it in pixel art, is one of those small Japanese household shrines to honor the dead.. a butsudan shrine, I think it's called? It is a common fixture in both anime and j-drama and so I think it would suit the theme quite well! 

One more idea.. perhaps a incense burner with animated smoke? That's all I can come up with, this looks amazing already! 

I tried adding one of these shrines! Hope I dind't butcher its purpose, I wanted to go for a more personal and generic design!  here
I'm also trying to add some incense burners tomorrow! 

Added an incense burner with a smoke animation! here