299th update: Clothing Store 17/17

update v31.0

- Last update for the Clothing Store, let's get ready for the next one!

- Added a clothes hanger and some clothes to hang (3 hats and 3 generic coats)
- Added the front view kid mannequin (4 colors), the side-view kid mannequin (4 colors) and the related pedestals
- Added all the kid outfits as singles sprites to dress the kid mannequins
- Added some bags (2 sets) to place on the clothes displayer

  *Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v31.0.zip 49 MB
Jun 09, 2021

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You've been doing such an amazing job :) I can't wait to see what is next! 

If you run out of suggestions... I need to make a coffee shop in my game at some point, would love to see stuff for that :D 

I know there is a cat in one of the earlier themes, can you maybe do some more pets in the future? A dog and cat that have walking animations, a fish bowl? those would be amazing. 

I'd also love a little radio (if it doesn't already exist). 


Thanks jmauerhan!
The coffee shop is a great idea! I'm adding to the urgent list since we "only" have 100 updates left!
The pet shop is a good candidate to be the conclusion theme of this yearly journey ;)


Can't wait to see the rest :) 
Do you ever (or will you in the future) do paid requests in the same style? I need a specific item for the game I'm making that I don't think anyone else would use, and I'm happy to pay you for that outside of this project if that's something you can do. 


Hi jmauerhan, you can hit me up here limezu.pixel@gmail.com for the item request ;)


And I found the radio with the gym equipment, thank you again for your amazing work :) 

You are welcome! ;)


Well done on the clothing store theme! I’m very curious what the next update might bring :)

Let's see...The first letter of the new theme is "M"


looks awesome ! can't wait to see what the next update is !

Today's is more like a celebrative update, tomorrow starts the new theme ;)


OMG, i love it!!!!!!!


Thanks Kamus, I appreciate ;)