314th update: Museum 12/?

update v32.5

 -Natural science museum starts today!

- Added 3  large displayers with 2 different butterflies in each
- Added 3 medium displayers with 2 different butterflies in each
- Added 6  small displayers with 1 different butterfly in each
- Added a XL displayer with 4 different butteflies to hang on 3 tiles height walls
- Added a new lectern stand and 4 different butterflies info books to place on it


*Everyone who already bought the asset can get the new stuff for free

See you and happy game-making! :)


Modern_Interiors_v32.5.zip 56 MB
Jun 24, 2021

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Aw yis. Now you're in my wheelhouse. I've managed planetariums in science centers for the last 8 years. Excited to see what you do with this.

Possible ideas for this theme:
So many fossil possibilities (dinos, whales, mastodons, synapsids, mammals, etc)
Minerals, gemstones, crystals,
meteorites, telescopes, constellation paintings,
Large Lobby displays like huge globes, dino replicas with skin, spacecraft 
Anthropology related materials like old baskets/spears/hides/old dwellings
Nature dioramas with wildlife/foliage/water

Thanks for your ideas Giraffupus, I'm gonna try some of them in the next few days ;)


This is SO beautiful!! I'm in love with it!!!

Thank you so much Shildmaiden, I appreciate!


I would love some living animated butterflies for a butterfly garden like some museums have.


And we could use animated butterflies even outside of interiors :D


I'm gonna give them a try at the end of the natural science museum! ;)